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worm guts 2.0
Offender's Name: worm guts | blingo

Offender's SteamID:STEAM_0:0:97992814| STEAM_0:1:158862943

Potential Witnesses: norm, hydro

Reason to BanConfusedlurs go brrr

Proof: one | two[/font][/size][/color]

Other: previous ban (from deathrun) both were banned 1440 but should be perm in all servers imo
[Image: dinks.png]
[Image: frug.png]

"I don't know if my head works any better than my stomach. Maybe i should start thinking with my tail." - Wembley Fraggle
[00:24] MillyDilly` [detective] has damaged Hillbillyeric [innocent] for 4.0450840854528e+14 (4.9999999349555e+14) HP with an unknown weapon
I've gathered more evidence.It seems that they do the same thing in dr server.

[gBan] Norm Minder has banned Woɾɱ GυƚZ - Duration: Indefinitely! (Excessive Slurs)

[gBan] Norm Minder has banned Woɾɱ Blingo - Duration: Indefinitely! (Excessive Slurs)

Thank you for the report.
[Image: 76561198854101809.png]
Steam|Discord Norm Minder#5392

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