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"SpencerG" on YOUTUBE im LIVE RN


Most people who played frequently in the past week including : Thayr, Jammin, Nico, Troll, Momo, HONG, Derailer, Benny Bologna, ToxicVoid, PiscaCai, and whoever played on the time he was on

Spamming / RDM / Ghosting / Targetting / Harassment

Ghosting :

Really surprised it's allowed for him to have a stream on and constantly advertise it and not get punished for it, anyone can join his stream and ghost and I won't be surprised if anyone has already; not much proof needed on this one it's in his name and there are clips of him on his channel


All of these happen as soon as staff leave the server, none of these are warranted nor can be since it's RDM and revenge RDM is against the rules, he has been slain before and been told not to.

[Image: 20210526215215_1.jpg]

[Image: 20210526215211_1.jpg]

(This one could have been unintentional attempt)

Spamming :
(I don't know why this video got age-restricted but it sums up him spamming and just generally trying to get a reaction on purpose)

Nico getting spammed :

[Image: 20210527220316_1.jpg]

[Image: 20210527220317_1.jpg]

Spamming me :

[Image: unknown.png]

Harassment & Targetting:

I would have recorded what he's been saying since it's spoken and not written and it can be found on his streams, but I never expected to go this far until I wasn't the only one getting annoyed by him, not only does he not stop speaking, talking over people, insulting people, and promote constantly. He also was hateful towards a random who joined once because they had (she/her) in their name, they left subsequently after he was being rude to them

Whenever somebody tells him to stop talking or talk less he just loses it and starts to berate them and try to prove himself better because he is a streamer and nobody wants to talk to them, it's obnoxious

He also tends to never get my name out of his mouth, he would start talking about me unprovoked, and saying that he has me muted, same goes to Nico and Derailer

He also had a child do his bidding for him which he got called out on, WockySlush was just some random kid on the server but turns out they were friends and he would be telling him to RDM and do stuff on stream, I didn't record it since the kid got banned and he is responsible for his own actions, but it's just sad how far he would go to just be toxic and harass people

much love and swag to : grape (hong) he has mental deficiency, Thayr helping me with evidence ?, momo giving me a bullshite, jammin for gagging him ???, nico and cazz for giving me clips and rdming me, stoked (derailer) brother

i never thought i would have to do a forum post again ?????
(05-27-2021, 11:08 PM)Caribou Wrote: much love and swag to : grape (hong) he has mental deficiency
+1 to all of the thread except for this part i dont agree with this part at all

I wish I could say "I" have been having to deal with this guy and how obnoxious/instigating he is for the past two weeks, but really everybody has been having to deal with it.
Generally makes playing an awful experience for everyone by frequently resorting to petty shit like revenge rdm, randomly shooting people, and so on. He holds down his mic so frequently, you could probably have about 12 separate audiobooks of him talking constantly about his stream, how much he smokes weed, and how "big" his dick is.
[Image: caption.gif]
Dang this is a nice ban request, good job
+1 please gently remove this person
I've seen him trash talk a few people since he came onto the server. The evidence in this ban request is stuff he would do.
Overall I would say he should be removed from the server or at least warned that he should quit the trolling and harassment.
Nice Car.
Be a shame if I ran into it
Just stepping in to add that the evidence base here is true, and I have been a witness to a lot of his antics.
I've issues warnings to him on multiple occasions and a ban may well prove appropriate.
Ironically he is currently banned now for Revenge RDM and leave
When you queue cringe
[Image: dan_ceebeast_gif.gif]
Never Forget
Stoked/Derailer here. I can vouch for 100% of this post. I don't personally mind the shit talking or w\e but the guy literally does not let go of his mic button and he does some borderline questionable shit like saying sexual things (jokingly or not) to people who are clearly underage on the server as well. Add on to the fact that he is constantly an instigator and loves to RDM when admins aren't around, I think he deserves to be put in the timeout corner.
+1 dudes really just not pleasant to be around and is really a creep. I forgot to get it on video but he was asking some girl on the server if "her nipples were still sore from him sucking on them for so long" after she repeatedly said she didnt want him to speak with her. If he ever posts the full stream from that day, it will be on video, though.

[Image: sonosheeoptimized.gif]
Thayr btw
On wocky slush getting banned. I banned him for harassing somebody based on their sexuality and also slurs. He, no matter who is influencing him, made the decision to do those things. I have noticed spencer telling him to do things, but at the end of the day wocky is responsible for his own actions. As to spencer, I do think he should be banned. You have a negative relationship with pretty much everybody on the server and its because of your actions.
Let's give this dude a full Community Ban since it's obvious he's not gonna try and change for the better of the community.

+1 on this ban and +1 on a community ban in the future
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: Screenshot_28.png]

Listen To LOFI LOFT on Youtube, It's great.

Never Forget
Community bans are only reserved for those who are never ever allowed under any circumstances to come back. A community ban is never rightfully earned unless one is engaging in illegal, dangerous activities, or threatens the server.
I see harassment, general annoyance with plugs, revenge RDMing, aswell as just being insanely creepy in general. With that all said I will be issuing a 3 week starting from today ban on spencer and expect that when he returns his current behavior is sorted out accordingly. As for the content plugging, there has never been a rule for it before except for common decency. I hope this doesn't need to have a new rule going into the future.
If you can read this you're gay.

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