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Cod is now my least fav fish
Offender's Name/steam id: 
STEAM_0:0:185021538: trey cod killer
STEAM_0:1:64839390: susman

STEAM_0:1:475168613: graycodkiller
STEAM_0:1:187837988: FudgeMonkey
STEAM_0:0:526617083: Domingo.Gaming72

Potential Witnesses: Uh Huh exactly, perzival--, sauri, mikey mike

Reason to Ban: Mic Spam, Trolling, Flaming, Slurs, Trap Spamming, vape spam
Proof: Disclaimer, to my horrible dismay it did not record video so at most i can do is use is eye witnesses and audio recordings.
audio 1
audio 2
audio 3
audio 4
audio 5
audio 6
audio 7
audio 8

Other: All of the music that plays is from fudgemonkey, all of the "reddit mod" is from treycodkiller, f slur is from dom and fudge, the guy pretending to have a lisp is dom, vape spam is all from graycodkiller, trap spamming came from all dom, monkey, and both cods. both cods and susman were exploting goldfever and treycodkiller has a jumppack (screenshot in discord).

we went from family guy - to crash med - to machine of doom - back to family guy in under 3-4m

as much as i can say i hate to say i cant show for shit besides the words of witnesses, obs is big gay.
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[00:24] MillyDilly` [detective] has damaged Hillbillyeric [innocent] for 4.0450840854528e+14 (4.9999999349555e+14) HP with an unknown weapon
I was there to witness this and it was a shit show. Fudgemonkey used a lot of slurs and micspammed music. Domingo also used slurs and yelled into the mic. Trey, Grey and susman were just dickheads and verbally harassed Percival-- and Milly.

All 5 of them were trap spamming and fudge left the server in order to evade the gag. They also rtv'd the maps as soon as we joined them. Either they were doing this to troll or to help fudge evade punishment. I don't have a recording of this because OBS doesn't want to work for me. OBS is kinda cringe ngl.
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Audio alone isn't enough to reward them a ban. 

However, found enough in relay to ban all but Domingo.Gaming72.

Thank you for the report. 

I usually verify my OBS setting when starting a recording to avoid having just audio ^_-
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