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This needs to be addressed (Farewell)
Part of being staff is being able to handle criticism and learn from your mistakes, I can see that you aren't able to do that.
My first Trusted app was denied and I took that with a grain of salt and learned from it. There were things I was doing/not doing that didn't befit a staff role and I changed those things.
I understand it may seem like people were echoing each other, and maybe you needed to take that a different way instead of getting upset and pissy about it.

edit- also looking at Matt's response I agree- why get mad when Fish wanted to delay the app decision so he could look into what people were saying? My discord app was delayed almost 3weeks and I appreciated the opportunity and that they cared enough to look into things...if anything it's a compliment. Sucks, liked playing with you but you calling all my friends snakes changes my attitude towards you.
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dude really dipped and called people snakes bc they politely gave him criticisms LOL
It wasn't even getting denied before he said this bruh, yeah thank you for the $15 bud
I would like to respond to some this as the viewpoint of "staff", just for transparency reasons and clarity.

(06-10-2021, 12:52 PM)chelllman Wrote: -snip-
In Steel's application, he was accused multiple times of micspam.  I really think evidence is really important to present in a staff application.  Memory is a fickle thing, so it is entirely possible the staff remembers things too harshly, or Steel remembers it in a better light.  That's why evidence should be presented so it's not a "he/she/other said" thing. 

It's also entirely possible (and probable) that what is considered micspam varies from staff to staff.  Some people may view being loud in the mic when talking as spam, and others may not.

The application in question is an application for staff. Not a ban request, not a ban appeal. We (staff) collect evidence mostly for banning reasons, or potential future issues. For myself personally, among many other TTT staff, we store evidence for a period of time after banning someone, or when we see something that could lead to future issues. Micspam is a very minor thing that often won't be kept for any extended period of time. For myself personally, I keep evidence for maybe a month after banning someone, in preparation of them making an appeal. Past that, unless the evidence was deemed important enough to upload (like harassment, severe racism, potential hacking, etc), I'll delete it. It may be a minor issue not worthy of keeping evidence of forever, but it is still worth bringing up when someone applies for staff.

Does evidence exist of the micspam? I don't know. I know that I personally delete evidence of micspam after maybe a week or so, especially if it isn't from a repeat offender. We have watchlists to fill in the gaps. We use the lists to log issues to watch out for in the future, not always attaching evidence if it's for minor offences such as micspam, but still to provide clarity for the future and for record-keeping. 

As for the micspam varying from staff to staff, this is true. It does. However, just about every staff member would view being overtly loud for no apparent reason as micspam. You have to remember there are 30-40 other people in the Dinks servers. We do our best to make sure the experience for all of them is fun, not just the one or two people at any given time that think loud = funny
Well, you're not wrong at all on ONE THING: there are most definitely snakes in the grass, and this is something you'll deal with anywhere you go in life. Although you are correct on this, the way you have gone about and addressed it just to be frank, is honestly more pathetic than the people who act like snakes. You are not only stooping to the same level as those who are "snakes," but you are plummeting beneath them as well. Just keep in mind that this is a video game meant to be enjoyed, it isn't supposed to be like work where you are miserable because of things. 

Something I hope you develop in life is learning which battles are worth fighting, and which are better off just walking away from. You could have chosen to just simply walk away and not garnered any attention. Instead, you pulled a fast one and made this "big" forum post to try and expose people, but in actuality the only one you exposed was yourself for being an attention whore. 

The prop hunt staff team definitely made the right decision to not bring you on the team, as you'd most definitely do nothing with a level head if you cannot take even the slightest hint of criticism.
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Tonight on Rep in a Potential Freefall, THIS!

For real though, I didn't wanna stick my hand in this petting zoo and I still don't want to but now that everyone has just begun to say what everyone else has said trying to put it in different perspectives. Bruh, this post was addressing a problem a lot of staff have already gotten flack for. I'm not gonna find the whole Starling leaving thing, because if memory serves that's something that brought it to attention for a lot of people. That and the Kiwi app. (I think anyway, been a while since I read about or through those damn things but I believe I gave the gist of them, correct me if I'm wrong)

I'm not going to say anything about the stupid snake comment because of what I said in the prior thing and I'm assuming y'all read the other posts, those say things too.

Good god I spent too much time trying to not sound like a buffoon, whatever, you get the point.
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its not ttt this time

some advice for you man. Go through @bryanbrr and my applications and see how much of the same stuff was leveled at us and how we reacted. People gave us legit advice and we took it, that is how you should view staff applications in the future.
See you in a few months whenever you decide to come back lmaoo
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