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As many TTT players know, we introduced new players models for our Summer 2021 update. One of those models, Spaceman, had some unexpected feedback regarding broken landing animations. Since this issue isn't easily resolvable because it has to do with how its animations work, Battons and I are in the process of removing the player model from the pointshop. Currently, the model is no longer for sale due to the issue but it remains useable for those who have purchased it. Beginning today, 6/10/21, we are offering a refund service for those who have purchased the model. On 7/10/21 we will be removing the model fully from pointshop which will result in the model being pulled from every player's inventory. We will be offering a full refund of 1000 Premium Points for those who have purchased the model. To ensure you are reimbursed for the model please follow the proper format. This process will only be applicable for only one Space Man Player Model. 

In-Game Name:

Steam ID:

Evidence of Player Model in your Inventory (Preferably Screenshot): 

We apologize for the mistake of incorporating a broken item in to the game and for the issues it has caused over the following weeks. As we move towards our next TTT update, we will find a suitable replacement for SpaceMan to ensure we have unique player models to purchase. Thank's Yall!
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In-Game Name: Tedgp908

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:57715106

Evidence of Player Model in your Inventory (Preferably Screenshot): My word is my proof.
In-Game Name: Thayr

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:442554352

Evidence of Player Model in your Inventory (Preferably Screenshot):

[Image: lxlcC9T.png]

I bought this model with the intent of trading it in for something better (plague doctor) sorta how like people trade in shitty homemade pipe shotguns at gun buybacks, but my plans have been foiled

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Thayr btw
Reminder, please use other forum threads for feedback/criticism. I want to keep this thread for people who need to have us reimburse them for the model.
If you can read this you're gay.
In-Game Name: Jammin

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:243663343

Evidence of Player Model in your Inventory (Preferably Screenshot): Below. @bryanbrr please ignore the text hats Smile

[Image: 20210611011625_1.jpg]
When you queue cringe
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Never Forget
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In-Game Name: Raven

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:162628792

Evidence of Player Model in your Inventory (Preferably Screenshot): [Image: 15EB85DA76BB37FE12F70D9319815E3E635246CE]
Update: Spaceman has been removed.
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