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CSS maps in mur-door
I didn't think about it till today but the server now has a css map mu_cove does this mean we can get more css maps for murder like mu_future_apt since murder needs css anyways for some of the props, or is cove on the chopping block and will (hopefully) get replaced by something like ttt_mcvillage_V6 or sh_smalltown

[Image: server_maps.php?GSID=5804052]
[Image: ba62fb3c7d644aaf46f792bcbbf588ee.png]
[Image: frug.png]

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Thats how mafia works...
Css maps is better than current maps.But I dont think so we should keep css maps in server .

  "No Downloads/No CSS" this is the reason that most players join the server and  different from other servers

I don't want murder server turn into css server.There is 2 css map Mu_cove and Riverside these maps should be removed.

Thank you for this thread.Maybe other people think different than I do.

(There you go travis lol)
CSS maps are good but the process of installing CSS textures is difficult for casual computer users. Many people who play casually would not want to go through the process of installing textures when they could just join another server.
An alternative to making people install their own textures is mounting the textures server side, but this forces the player to download basically all of CSS when they join.. not great for a server that advertises fast downloads
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