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murder bam request
Offender's Name: phoebewill79

Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:608576333

Potential Witnesses: AnxietyZach, alaѕтroѕιcĸ

Reason to Ban: slurs, mic spam
Proof: one / two / three

Other: cherry lime-aid soda
[Image: ba62fb3c7d644aaf46f792bcbbf588ee.png]
[Image: frug.png]

"I don't know if my head works any better than my stomach. Maybe i should start thinking with my tail." - Wembley Fraggle
Thats how mafia works...
I don't want to ban him right now. It seemed like a naughty night .

To be honest, this is not enough to ban.Next time, I'll ask him to fix his mic again

After your warning, he never used a slur again. If he keeps using the slurs , I'll punish him next time.

I'll add to the list.Thank you for the report.

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