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Player model request. Deadpool?
So I'm unsure how this all works on getting something added or not, but here goes. 

I know I've seen once in the past that we need to get rid of one player model if we are to add a new one, or so was the preferable way and preferably one that is not too popular. The switch also has to be between normal and normal or premium and premium.

The player model I want added is Deadpool(Amen origins) or as some like to call him and I would love for it to be called that if it gets added, Baraka-pool lol. And as requested I will give my request on the model we could be rid of, and those two suggestions are Cirino(I think that's her name), or left shark. These are two models I've seen sparingly in the past and I have yet to see in the past two weeks I've been back playing. So I think either of these two could be good choices if a switch is indeed required.

I also don't know if the skin I want being in a package of like 7 deadpools would be a issue or not.

Oh and on a 100% totally not biased in anyway possible, I'd love to see either a Spider pet or hat added that would be faaaaaaaantastic.

Oh and here's the link to the model.
There's already a deadpool player model on server as well as a spider pet.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

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(06-22-2021, 05:57 AM)TheUltraFish Wrote: There's already a deadpool player model on server as well as a spider pet.
While it's deadpool it's hardly the same, basically they only share a name but look nothing alike. I'll post a pick of the model. Plus we have three mountain dew models, and two Doritos models, so I see no problems with two deadpool models especially when those two models are more drastically diffrent then the ones mentioned.

 I also had no idea there was a Spider pet I'll look into that, are you sure it's not the strider and not a spider, id assume it's from the pet crate which is a bit of a pain to get lol.

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