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Dis cord hellper app - hi jammin
Hi hi Eggroll!
I'm glad to see you branching out a little bit and trying out Discord Helper! I'll go ahead and say I believe you'll do great. You're friendly and approachable. I've seen you on the PH server and you follow the rules while also having fun when you can which is good.
One thing I just want to briefly bring up is this: take care of yourself.  Heart


I hope to see you in game/in the discord~
[Image: giphy.gif?cid=790b7611aefbf09e110e07fa9d...y.gif&ct=g]
Hi Eggroll,
Thank you for taking the time to apply to join our discord staff team.
After discussion with and a vote from the discord staff team, we have decided to ACCEPT this application.

I do ask for one thing, as I also asked Quartz: make sure to focus on your real life. Make sure to stay focused on school/health/friends/family, and focus on the discord when free.
Playing in a gaming community should enhance and bring some form of happiness to your life. Staffing should not take away from that.

Congratulations and welcome to the Discord Staff team!
When you queue cringe
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