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Travis Moderator Application #2
Travis can work and diffuse situations good under pressure. He speaks clearly about the rules if questioned about them and is open about discussions. He is also incredibly helpful to other staff. Recently he helped me get to know and identify hacker behaviors better from a ban request which was incredibly thoughtful. He is direct and gets straight to the point.


P.S.     HONK and good luck
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You love to see it. What can I even say that hasn't already been said? I think the roll fits great with ya Trav. Best T-Mod 2021 (imo)

                                            If you don't have errors, are you really playing Garry's Mod?
hes stinky but yea okay.
Just stay calm and remember that even mods still need help sometimes.

(now give me dem ankys)
[Image: possum.gif]


Another moderator to torment... i mean to help the server be free of ghosters and spammers. +1

especially travis, he is good at what hes been doing with the server and he does have a different approach to other staff and i respect his viewpoint as well as he is fun to play with.
[Image: Pixie-Kick.jpg]
+1 would probably make a good ph mod
[Image: xdjlve.png]
He did before, He can do it again...

Just don't burn the honk out man

Honk honk honk +1
[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: YWj4Wn.gif]
Just wanted to +1 and appreciate the de-escalation techniques I've seen.
I don't feel qualified to vote as I have gained a whopping 9.1 minutes this past month in PH, but based on Travis' valued advice and assistance to me on various discord issues (even while not being a discord staff member), I would support his addition into the moderation team for PH.
When you queue cringe
[Image: dan_ceebeast_gif.gif]
-1 Denied, is a toxic tmod.

jk, welcome to mod squad.
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Make sure to make the day.                                                              Meme

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