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by popular request
Hello, how is everything? So I haven't been on the server much these past few weeks. So I'll tell you what I know about you, you're a frequent player on the server, you don't usually break the rules and you seem to be also contributing and interacting with the community on discord and here on the forum too! With that said 1+ for you
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hes not conceited by titling this "by popular request", i've told him to apply hundreds of times.
HONG is one of the chillest i've met on the server throughout many years.
very deserving of all good things. EID MUBARAK
I dont see why you shouldnt be part of the staff team. Everyone loves you and you've been very helpful
Everyone is Horny4Hong!

[Image: cBqPWgz]
Your staff application has been ACCEPTED.

Welcome to the staff team!
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