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tmarmoo staff app
Ingame Name: tmarmoo

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:549136481

Time Played: 214

When First Joined: May 20, 2020 11:28 PM

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone):according to Canadian time, when the sever is alive, at night and sometimes in the mourning, 

Rank Desired: trusted 

Current Rank: regular

What can you do to help the community: i have bin playing on the sever for quite some time now and people will rdm, mic/chat spam or will be racist and when girls talk in game chat people will say get off the game and go make me a sandwich and when they try to talk again they will just yell over then and telling them that they cant play because they are a girl and it gets annoying hearing it over and over again and i have always wanted it to stop

Why you want to help the community: server is nice to play on and a server that has people mic spaming being racist and rdming wont be fun to play on so people will leave and mite not play on that server again because all of that going on in a server mite make people think that the server is always like that and I'd like to stop them.

Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts): no

Have you previously applied for staff (Link Relevant Posts): no

How did you find us?: looking for a server to play on one day and came a cross dinklebergs sever and i have stuck around

Other: i don't want servers to be like black ops 2 lobby's
(07-21-2021, 02:36 AM)tmarmoo Wrote: Other: i don't want servers to be like black ops 2 lobby's
Make this man admin.

I've been pretty inactive in murder recently, but I appreciate that there are players wanting to join.

When I did play murder, you were one of the regular players I got to know there. In terms of activity, knowledge of the rules, etc I think you are ready to go.

It sounds like you are interested in calling down some of the more toxic players that may join. I feel that with the game mode of murder, this is one of the larger issues that will end up coming up outside of RDM. This post seems to me that you understand the need for staff, and are prepared to take on that responsibility.

Also I've seen you join TTT quite a few times, I appreciate that you were looking around the other Dinkleberg servers as well.

I'm going to remain neutral since I am pretty inactive in murder recently, but I feel that you are rather well suited to join the staff team.
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My opinion is irrelevant but -1 until the application looks like you took time to make it. This looks like it was written by a kid because of the grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Edit: apparently you are a kid, massive -1 for that, personally
I am sowwy fow youw smaww buwge due tew being staff. I wiww be suwe tew bwing dis ishew up wif ouw management team tew enshuwe dat we can potentiawwy wesowve dis ishew so yew and uddew pwayews do nawt face such ciwcumcision again in teh futuwe. Fank yew

[Image: actual_final_addressing_toxicity.png]

Why the RDM and Leave Rule is Dumb
im not going to say either +1 or -1 for now cause idk this user and i really only play ttt. but i do agree with what was said earlier, that the post looks fairly hastily made. i understand that having good grammar or whatever isnt as important as being trusted and well known for being a good candidate for admin, but at least make the application for admin look a bit more decent. then again, this is coming from me of all people, ive never been one to make my posts look grammatically presentable so youre free to call me out for hypocrisy tbh. but if you are indeed trusted and known to be a good candidate for admin, good luck getting admin. if so, i hope to see you get what youd like

also here's a cute gif of best character

[Image: 9771e7c2498007fe6f65a2c02428509f.gif]
[Image: d92.gif]
You there i have come to respond to your staff app and honestly +1 you are a good man and personally i would like to see you on the field of staff as i want to see how you would fair if you were to ever apply for high be this gets accepted.

[Image: player_time.php?nameb64=dG1hcm1vbw%3D%3D...1253583522]
this is the game tracker i stole from you but its something i can look past since this can be the activity for murder and really as long as you can get on when needed thats all you need you don't have to be there 24/7 and there's no need to burn yourself out at something like this.

As for your interaction with players its fine you don't act like some of the players we get on and you don't argue with people over small things. 

pop off man
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(07-21-2021, 12:07 PM)Reina Wrote: My opinion is irrelevant but -1 until the application looks like you took time to make it. This looks like it was written by a kid because of the grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Edit: apparently you are a kid, massive -1 for that, personally
I don't know have you ever played on murder server I don't understand why are you insulting hım just because he didn't spell it right.

However  I want to talk about activity.One of the regular players on the server,plays almost every week on the server and stays active.I think he has a great activity for a dead server.He has more activity than all regulars and staff.(Thanks for pic milly)

[Image: player_time.php?nameb64=dG1hcm1vbw%3D%3D...1253583522]

He texts me when something happens on the server or someone else,Activity, knowing the rules,it's a big step to become a staff member.I've never seen you cause any major problems also I see that you were added to the watch list about 8 months ago reason rdm and leave I don't think is really important .

You are good man, personally you have all my support.

Edit:If you have any questions you can contact with  @"Prince Nicky La Flama Blanca" Or me !
Notably do not contact all of those accounts. The @"Prince Nicky La Flama Blanca" or norm would be fine but the others are access accounts for the admin control panel and admins do not use those often enough to check messages. Message the primary account.
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I do have some concern regarding your age, tmar, and that is my main hold-up. That in and of itself, however, is not going to be a disqualifier. We have had admins that were teenagers in the past who did a great job (though in hindsight and in light of some of the recent issues that the admin team has had to handle, probably not the best move to repeat). I myself became a Moderator with banning abilities back when I was only 16.

Regardless, I'm still supportive of your staff application. You're one of the most active players and I have personally played with you for a fair chunk of time. No recent issues that I am aware of, and I've witnessed you helping other players as well. I'd like to see more activity on the forums and the Discord, if possible, as well. These are some of the main areas in which we have had players request staff help, make suggestions, or complain. It would be beneficial to have you engaged in these conversations.

You have my support, Norm's support, and the support of a few other community members who actually play on the Murder Server. Therefore, I will be recommending to Dink that you join the Murder staff team as a Trusted. Congrats and welcome to the team!

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