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Classified by Ordo Majoris
I will be neutral for this vote. 

You've been with the community for quite some time, and many players have gotten to know you through the mass murder you cause (priceless). It's obvious from some people responses that there's a few that have issues with how you respond to things, I understand you saying "don't talk to me" or "stop" with the hacking thing along with people just bugging you because of your skill. 

It has already been stated that being staff requires some thicker skin, and though you've changed quite a bit from when I first met you; it seems there's still some more growth needed before you can effectively be a staff member. I say that more for your own well being than that of the staff team, we've honestly dealt with staff members who had a SIGNIFICANTLY worse attitude than what you have shown. 

Don't be discouraged by the opinions of others, take it with a grain of salt and grow from it. 

You've been helpful with various server problems and gathering evidence, please continue to do so. 

I will say that at this time, I do not feel the staff position would be something you'd enjoy doing. It comes with a lot more harassment than most people are aware of, both on and off server. 

I will see you on the prop field my friend
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One last bump before a decision is made.
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Hey Garro

I have been playing with you a bit lately as well as talking to ya in the discord. (insert more justification about why TTT mod is commenting on PH staff app as to not get harassed)

First of all, thank you for applying to be staff. I can see that you do want to help the Dinks PH server, you have posted many ban requests and helped out with staff so I can see you mean well. I hope if the outcome of this staff app is unfavourable to you, It does not deter you from applying from staff in the future taken that you take the criticism and work from it. 

But for now, I am going to point out some reasons why I do not think you are ready for staff, and honestly, it is this application, I have had next to no issues with you in-game or on discord. I am a strong advocate for "people can change so don't hold too much of the past against them" shit. 

Instead of just pointing out the bad shit id like to offer my advice if you want it.  There are 2 main things I wanted to point out. (This ain't set stone shit, just my opinion on why you ain't ready for staff at this point and what you can do to change the views in the future. 

Thing 1
(08-13-2021, 12:21 PM)MissPauling Wrote: Your dislike for certain players is obvious and I'm incredibly worried about targetting.

Idk man, maybe others are seeing something I'm not seeing but I cannot in good faith support you on this.

I do wish you the best.

(08-15-2021, 07:50 AM)Blurgh Wrote: But being staff here means (at least I believe so) that you are ready for communication. If guests or regulars have concerns they usually contact staff they feel they can trust or at least feel welcomed. I've seen them saying something like "Feel free to talk to me./I'm always open to a discussion." And that is exactly what makes them a good fit for the team. Are you ready for this?

Also, it seems that your only objective has always been to get the most score. As a staff member you are expected to give up the game to deal with shit. I've seen people resigning because they couldn't enjoy the game anymore. Are you sure that's something you want?

I was inactive for a long time so maybe I've missed changes in your attitude. Sorry and ignore my dumb ass if that's the case.

I'm neutral, of course.

Answering questions and addressing worries is always a step in the right direction, because if some people are having worries then maybe other are too. You should have responded to these. This can be the difference in changing someones -1 to a neutral or a neutral to a +1 if done correctly and honestly.  

Thing 2
(08-16-2021, 04:44 AM)Garro Wrote:
(08-15-2021, 09:45 PM)Norm Minder Wrote:
I'm neutral

I  believe people can change but I don't trust you right now.I've known you for about a year and a half ,and I know you've changed for the last two months maybe more.You've targeted me most of the time and other players.You've been very rude and toxic, telling people do not talk with me.Yeah, it's months ago, but it's still a concern for me .

It's not a  concern for me that you're competitive.

I'm worried about targetting arguing with people,and your attitude in the server.1 -2 months is too short for me to trust you
Ok,i wanted to stay calm but I'm not going to just sit and listen to this false accusation from you Norm,you better provide evidence for this- "You've targeted me most of the time and other players.You've been very rude and toxic, telling people do not talk with me".
I was toxic to people who was rude to me because i couldn't control myself.I was rude to staff because,as i thought at that time they didn't reacted to violators fast enough, I'm not denying this.
But saying stuff like this...
Back then, my mental state was already on the edge of collapse, I had no desire to build schemes against someone.
I know 2 people I was targeting, but only because one of them mocked my disability at every opportunity and now he's banned.
And we are no longer at war with the second person.
Maybe you people should talk to players who actually played with me after i got back in PH, people like Fofab,Ryzif,Mork Mork,Zom13ae. I've been targeted alot over this month but i didn't respond to any of them, not a single word.

Ok and here's the first response you have made, and it ain't good. I'm just going to point out that Norms response wasn't even a -1, it was neutral. Norm was acknowledging that you have changed and for the better, but you needed more time before he could support you in getting staff. That's it, if there's one line of this response you read I hope it is that, not a big deal, and you took what norm said and basically threw it back in his face and showed everyone that you definitely need more time before you were ready for staff. You said that you wanted to stay calm but weren't going to anymore, being cool and level headed is vital for staff. If you stayed calm, showed some maturity and wrote the response from a different angle. it could have turned proven your change and been a good reason to consider giving you a +1. Writing it from an angle of acknowledging the past but pointing out the changes you have made and hoping to prove you can be trusted would have been a good angle and a decent response. It was because of your response that some neutral and +1 votes turned into a -1.

Basically, every comment after that is saying how you played yourself, and telling to you fix your attitude, some were a little harsh but don't let them get to you. As has been said before "Skin must be Thicc". I believe that your response has shown that you are not ready for staff at this point in time, but I encourage you to work on any/all criticisms and maybe in a few months I would be able to support you becoming staff. 

Best of luck tho

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This application is denied.

Everyone who has known you throughout your time on Dinks, including yourself, that you have targeted a few people and not have been the most approachable. Now I think "leave me alone" or "don't talk to me" are perfectly fine responses and should not have been used against you. The two people you admit to targeting I know that the one is banned and that you talked to the other about it and is now water under the bridge.

You have been more approachable since your return but as others have said, your response here to norm is a red flag. In situations such as these, especially as a potential staff member, you need to check yourself in how you respond to the individual(s). If you responded with less hostility or what was perceived as hostility, and more diplomatically, this app would have gone a completely different direction. What and how you say things will lead to drastically different results on how people respond to you. Do not let people get under your skin and you should have less problems in the future. Also, get used to dealing with regulars as they are on constantly and you will have to deal with them at times even if you do not like them.

The earliest you may reapply is September 22, 2021. Best of luck to you.
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