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Trusted rank
n-game Name (please include past names): Rayoona, Omarispeng

Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:533722454

Time Played (in hours): 38 hours

When You First Joined DR (Day/Month/Year): Unsure

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone):  GMT +3 I play almost for the whole day. I'm always on.

Rank Desired: Trusted

Current Rank: Member

What more can you do to help the community?: I'm 13 years old and yes you might say that my hours are too low but I'm on almost everyday and really talk to everyone. I can be the view on the younger audience of DINKLEBERGS deathrun and would really appreciate if I could be a part of this amazing community of admins and trusted People.

Why do you want to help the community?: The younger audience and all the people spamming or afking and voice abusing.

Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts. If you have been banned on any of Dinks servers within the past 3 months, your application will automatically be denied.): Nope.

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link Relevant Posts): Nope.

Do You Have Previous Experience with Staffing a Gaming Server? Yes/No. (If yes, where and what were your responsibilities?) [Previous Experience is not required] Yes. I was an admin for almost a year in a big community in minecraft.

How did you find us?: From a friend
Literally watched you and your friends mass downvote everyone that had valid criticism in the other thread. No.
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(08-24-2021, 03:49 PM)Mana Wrote: Literally watched you and your friends mass downvote everyone that had valid criticism in the other thread. No.
You're saying literally, yet being hyperbolic. Very contradictory
(08-24-2021, 03:49 PM)Mana Wrote: Literally watched you and your friends mass downvote everyone that had valid criticism in the other thread. No.
I downvoted two that talked about the same thing that jeb does occasionally? I downvoted them because they didn't look at jeb for a whole and rather the jokes that he makes, and if someone wasn't cool with would talk to him about? We were all cool with it at the time and were all laughing. I do not account for other people's actions on the other post and I've never talked to you or met you. You're really making a whole assumption over nothing and thats pretty unfair.
Idk what statement said above has anything to do with the app, but yeah HiVeMiNd. I don’t think that you or your group of friends are staff material tbh. Mass downvoting those who went against your friend’s app is not good, and you all also seem to not take criticism very well. If you’re serious about becoming staff I’d be more engaged within the community, make ban requests, participate in serious discussions on a variety of threads, and make an introduction thread at least.
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ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers
To put it simply, you don't have the hours. 
You don't have an introduction.
You don't have the required community time. 
Please take a look at the requirements for applying for a rank before going through the trouble of putting together an application. 

Have a good day.
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You do not meet multiple minimum requirements
[Image: Screenshot_20210824-061959_Chrome.jpg]
You may reapply no sooner than 24 September 2021.
I also suggest putting more effort into your application
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