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DR Gamemode SV Commands
This is for say you want to test maps and you need more round time or more rounds in general or maybe you just want to screw around.

deathrun_round_duration <0-999>
How many seconds each round lasts. Not including preptime.

deathrun_preptime_duration <0-999>
How many seconds the preparation time lasts before the round.

deathrun_finishtime_duration <0-999>
How many seconds to wait when the round ends before starting a new round.

deathrun_death_ratio <0.0-1.0>
The ratio between Deaths and Runners. Higher values mean more deaths. Default 0.15 .

deathrun_max_deaths <1-64>
The maximum amount of players on the Death team at any given time.

deathrun_allow_autojump <0-1>
Allow players to use autojump

deathrun_autojump_velocity_cap <0-999>
The velocity to limit players to when they enable autojump. A value of 0 will make this unlimited.

deathrun_help_url <string url>
The url to open when the player types !help.

deathrun_round_limit <0-20>
How many rounds should be played before the map changes?

mapvote_rtv_ratio <0.0-1.0>
The ratio between votes and players online. 0.5 means that 1/2 of the players online need to type !rtv before the vote is initiated.

deathrun_pointshop_finish_reward <0-999>
Reward for finishing the map, in points. Will automatically check for pointshop or pointshop2 installation.

deathrun_pointshop_kill_reward <0-999>
Reward for killing another player, in points. Will automatically check for pointshop or pointshop2 installation.

deathrun_pointshop_win_reward <0-999>
Reward for winning the round. Checks for pointshop and pointshop2 installation.

deathrun_pointshop_notify <0-1>
Notify the player when they are rewarded by the pointshop for completing a map objective

deathrun_death_avoid_punishment <0-99>
How many rounds of Death should the player have to serve after he attempts to death avoid.

deathrun_max_deaths <0-100>
The maximum amount of Deaths at any given time.

deathrun_death_sprint <0-1000>
The sprint speed for the death (holding shift). Sometimes maps don't give the death a speed boost, so they can hold shift to move at this speed.

deathrun_finish_balloons <0-25>
The amount of balloons to spawn when the player finishes the map. Smile

deathrun_autoslay_delay <0-999>
How long to wait after a round starts to slay the AFK players. Measured in seconds. (Thanks Omega for reminding me to add this here.)

deathrun_idle_kick_time <0-999>
How long to wait before putting an idle player in spec (seconds)
This used to kick, but kicking seems to be too harsh, especially on a false positive. Staff will take care of kicking players.

deathrun_alltalk <0-1>
Enable alltalk - 1 for enabled, 0 to stop living players from hearing dead players.

deathrun_death_model <string model path>
The default model for the Deaths.

deathrun_disable_default_deathspeed <0/1>
Removes the player_speedmod entities from maps to disable the default deathspeed.

deathrun_motd_enabled <0/1>
0 to disable the MOTD (info menu) and 1 to enable

deathrun_motd_title <string title>
Changes the title of the MOTD

deathrun_motd_url <string url>
Changes the URL that is opened inside the MOTD

deathrun_unstuck_cooldown <0-1000>
Time between when a player takes damage or uses !stuck and their next use of !stuck

deathrun_starting_weapon <string weapon name>
Default starting weapon
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