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Helix & Family Guy
This thread is one that i want opinions on based on the problem the thread mentions and not the overplayedness of the maps or that one ending glitch on family guy.

Both of these maps have smoke grenades that can turn you invisible and its not like some complicated secret with multiple buttons, These are easily accessible with a single button and anyone can get it. This causes a problem for two reason and first being ghost mode, its hard enough for new players and even old players to tell what's a ghost and if your making your playermodel is invisible then they will just think your a ghost and let you on your merry way. Second is well you're invisible and that's not very good.

In Family Guy its the smoke grenade in the dumpster

In Helix  its two grenades that you collect 

i would like your opinion on what should be done about these maps because of this specific issue and not the others.
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I added a barrier to the trashcan on family guy, helix is going to need some testing, cuz when I looked it was fine enough to not patch.
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