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Unban request - I'll try to get my shit together
No one is out to get you or trying to manipulate scenarios into getting you banned, you just need to pay extreme attention when you play. And as I mentioned previously, use sound. It's practically impossible to play this game properly without sound, you have no context for why things happen.
free my man  Dill the Pickle Doe, he did nothing wrong here!!!!!!
I post on here when I'm procrastinating my college work now; sorry not sorry

It's just not fun to play TTT when your on. You constantly break the rules and use fake excuses in your reports like "Walk passed unids". I find myself going offline whenever I see you on the server when no mods are online. Maybe a perma is too harsh, a 3 month ban would be adequate. Please use the time on other TTT servers to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of TTT
Dill my boy, what has happened? +1 for a reduction but -1 for a straight unban after reading other peoples posts.
Why is this still up
Nazu~ Heart
Kicking ass in games since 03'
Appeal accepted on reduction to one month including time served. Unban date: 10/04/21.
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