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Hemloo c':
Umm haii, my name is AstralSapphire ;-; Some of you might already know me from the ph server as I have been playing there often this year (Not to sound like egotistical or anything hgfdhgdf). I have been playing on the PH server for just over a year now, and I recently returned to the server after taking a long break due to drama but primarily my mental health. I am feeling better now.. ish well I'm not perfect yet but I'm working to improve myself. c':

One thing I never really did was engage much with the community when I was here and this is mainly because I am very shy when it comes to larger communities and opening up to people ;-;. I have also earned myself somewhat of a reputation in ph because I often score high hgfdhgfd. I've just been scared to open up fully and stuff but I wanna do things differently now and start doing things I wouldn't usually do :') I want to become a better person and improve my mindset, so that's why I am writing this super awkward introduction hgfdh ;-;. SO umm... yeah. 

TIP: If you wanna kill me in ph just random nade any room you'll kill me 90% of the time and I definitely  won't develop a vendetta against you or anything. <333 (jk i don't get vendettas I try to be friendly to everyone as much as I can ;-; )
Oh yes. I remember you. I played ph a couple times like a almost year or so ago and I remembered seeing you around. Good to see you astral. Glad to see you are doing well.
Glad you joined the forums and do take care of yourself because overall your health does matter in the end. And next time don't stab the bottle, it really hurt its feelings.

Glad you have joined the forums and do take care of yourself because your health does matter in the end. And next time don't stab the bottle it hurt its feelings.
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Ayo Astral! Welcome to the forums.

You're normally up there with Vis and Mork killing everyone. Competitive PH???

Nah but certainly enjoy your time here!
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[Image: B1nrUfR.png] Nuru Shortmin Aboose
Yay you joined the forums! I'm glad you came back so that I can continue my efforts to vending machine you.
I'll also continue to shoot your planes down in sandbox Big Grin.
[Image: tommy-blades-86347820.jpg]DAB

Mental health is always important, glad to have you back.
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Welcome back!
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Glad to see you back Big Grin
Loved this. I really like seeing people reaching outside of their comfort zone. It can be difficult to overcome and it shows that you already have strong determination. That is a huge step, and I look forward to seeing you around.
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