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Caballs Deep
Man, this is such a good thread to read.

But I agree, gotta take Ls to end up with Ws sometimes.
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Closing Thread Temporarily. After discussion with other admins, we will update the post accordingly.
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I want to apologize, handling the situation the way I did was not acceptable. I accept my strike, and look to improve my behavior in the future.
Officially closing the thread and moving it to the archive.

Zeraph will be given a strike and has been talked to about the incident. No demotion will be enforced. For progress to help mitigate future instances of abuse or misinterpretation of rules the admins will be hosting some staff guideline alignment training to ensure that we are all on the same page with the rules and that proper rules are enforced when they are needed to. We apologize for those affected. Make peace and move on.

Take care Smile
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