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Hello!! my name is Butterman, but Mei is also fine Big Grin few know me from the Deathrun server as I've been on there quite a lot ha. I've been playing the server for a couple weeks now quite often, I've also just helped a little with trying to keep the server fun. O-O

I haven't really talked much on the forums as I don't know what to say really lmao. I figured I should make more of an appearance though as suggested from MillyDilly. I'm a people person and really I just want to have a good time on Deathrun and Prophunt.. O-O I've been told that I'm nice and caring quite a bit as well as reliable and artistic, also, "trash" at bhop but, you know what, thats fair.

Side note: If you want to kill me on Deathrun- do it, it's not too hard. Wait for me to try and jux you twice and I'll most likely go on the third try, then slip and fail. In all seriousness, I just want to have a good time on Dinkleberg!  

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Be sure to try out the other servers for fun. Except TTT. TTT bad. PH pretty bad too
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Welcome to the forums and reason they said PH is bad, cause they don't hide in big brain spots
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welbcome toob the forums butter
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"I don't know if my head works any better than my stomach. Maybe i should start thinking with my tail." - Wembley Fraggle
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