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Race for the Wool
Hey guys! Looking to get a group of people together to play some matches of Race for the Wool. Here's a quick description of the gamemode taken from the map creator's player guide

Race for the Wool is a game mode focused on a reasonably simple capture-and-retrieve model. In this game, you as a team are tasked with collecting 5 different colored wool blocks. Along the way you must also meet 5 secondary objectives, which are explained in this guide. Your environment consists of a narrow lane. The opposing team plays separately to you on another mirrored lane, and your lanes are separated by free space. You may not cross the gap yourself except to fall from the world and respawn. This map is PVP friendly. You are encouraged to try to slow down your opponents by interfering with their progression. This could be by using ranged weapons across the lane gap to hit them directly, destroy their terrain, or activate traps and explosives. Chests containing items critical for game progression cannot be destroyed by players. 

Taking one of these items from a chest will cause it to respawn, so you have an unlimited supply of these items when you find them. Wool is found in special wool rooms, made of colored concrete and glass. Inside the rooms is a wool fountain. All wool rooms have an unlimited supply of wool. When collecting wool you can carry as many as you want. You can place them on the ground. When you die, the wool will disappear from your inventory and you must collect more. When you pick up a piece of wool, you become a carrier. When this happens you are no longer able to use teleporters and must traverse the whole map to bring your wool back to the wool monument. Therefore, you are encouraged to make a clear path for your wool carrier to move to the monument safely.

Looking to play this Wednesday if anyone is available. We'll organize it in the Minecraft channel of the main discord
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sure lmk when
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Do it as long as someone breaks the rule
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im in
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Oh uhh could we also do a retro/throwback Hunger Games gamemode if possible?

Just like JeromeASF and my twin BajanCanadian
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(10-11-2021, 07:48 PM)Linfalas Wrote: Oh uhh could we also do a retro/throwback Hunger Games gamemode if possible?

Just like JeromeASF and my twin BajanCanadian

I'd love to do different gamemodes like Hunger Games, The Walls, etc. Just need to get sufficient playercount to do them. The Hunger games for example does require quite a bit of players to work well. If everyone who wants to play Race for the Wool Wednesday could reach out to me that would be great!
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I'm in
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