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general suggestions/changes
Lol remember when the poison dart gun was the most overused and annoying piece of shit on the server?
Kinda want it buffed again ngl.
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(10-14-2021, 11:13 AM)Mana Wrote: Lol remember when the poison dart gun was the most overused and annoying piece of shit on the server?
Kinda want it buffed again ngl.

I still prefer old dart gun, chicken glitch, and all. You can make people explode with the new poison dart gun, who's gonna know about that interaction. 

Oh and about jump packs, lol, I strictly use my jump pack to surf on maps, other than that I don't use the jump pack. It's not that hard and I don't really see the need for everyone to have one --- I've played on the server drunk the last three times I have gotten on and I still don't fall to my death without the jump pack. Not having the jump pack is not a detriment, it's a state of mind. But, let's not make this thread another jump pack thread. 

Oh, and as far as points are concerned at any moment on the server someone that doesn't have a jump pack and wants one, I will buy it for them/give them the points to. Most older players have millions of points saved up and nothing to do with them --- if you ask nicely and if you're cool, you're sure to get one. Hell, just let me know next time I'm on.

and we need a new fucking map vote --- something to limit the number of times we play on the five maps that we always fucking play on. it's so boring and repetative.
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(10-14-2021, 01:34 PM)Noire Wrote:
(10-14-2021, 11:13 AM)Mana Wrote: asdf


and we need a new fucking map vote --- something to limit the number of times we play on the five maps that we always fucking play on. it's so boring and repetative.

I've told people 1000 times. The repetitive map votes is a symptom of a bad map pool. If you have a map vote and a bunch of the maps are shit except for like two choices (and yes, this does happen), people will go back for the tried and true. We've recently added new good maps and they DO get played - csgoofficesummer, mcdolls dinks, brewery, teenroom.
(10-13-2021, 07:24 AM)SpookyBrr Wrote:
(10-13-2021, 12:58 AM)pizza pasta Wrote: Hello,

            I have been playing on this server for the past couple of weeks and have been playing TTT in general since 2013, the server is pretty fun and I have had lots of good times on it so far.  This is one of the last couple servers that doesn't have shitty lootboxes where you get upgraded guns that kill in a millisecond and a 3 gig download.  There are some issues that I would like to bring up that make the server sometimes mildly annoying to outright bullshit.  Yes, I know I have joined the server and did a little trolling a couple of times but what I am saying isn't about me (mostly) its things I have witnessed while on the server.
You troll.... JK
            The very first thing is the jetpacks, they are really fun to use and jump around the server with but there are some glaring issues that make new players have a massive disadvantage as well as destroys the hitreg of a 34 tick gmod server.  Firstly, these jump packs give new players a huge disadvantage since people who have these jump packs can bhop way easier than without, as well as stick half their hitbox into the ceiling which makes getting headshots and sometimes bodyshots impossible.  Not only those two issues but the jump pack costs 100,000 credits which is an insane amount of credits to have to get to afford the item. (sure you start with 50,000 and can join the discord but that's besides the point)  Most new players will not join the discord especially on their first time or two on the server no matter what the incentive is.  The second is that the tickrate is so low that the constant movement with the jetpack makes lots of bullets not register which can make the jetpacks even more bull than previously.  I think they should be removed and maybe add an item to lower fall damage or lower the gravity of the server a bit if anything.
Roughly about two months ago we had an experimental period with no Jumppack at all on the server. We took feedback about the change and an overwhelming majority voted to keep it but with some possible future changes. The admin team has spent some time tinkering with it to keep the feel of the jumppack regular but also fix the glaring issue of players putting their head in the ceiling. 
            The second thing is a lack of staff, usually I am on between 9pm-whenever late.  Around this time the server is full for awhile but there is usually only one or two people online that can handle reports/ deal with staff issues on the server.  I personally have seen 2 mods and 0 of any rank above that on the server at any time, they could be on at times that I am not on and I get people have their lives to live but one would assume higher ranks would be on when the server is full to help newer staff and to make sure the server is being run correctly.  On that note, there have been multiple instances of staff who ignore reports, or don't communicate with the person who reported when they choose to handle it.  Some rdm accidentally and sometimes purposefully and do not slay themselves when the person they rdmed wants them to and is in the right for wanting it.  (Not really sure of what the role of trusted does on this server but if they can slay/handle reports I am considering them staff)  If there were higher ranked staff on the server more often this would not happen (assuming they are competent) since they would make sure that the staff are being held to the same rules as the rest of the server.
TBH this is mainly a timing thing. I dont know if you have this issue based on timezone or what not but, i'm playing almost everyday and have atleast 2-3 other staff members on. You can view our current active staff list HERE though to see what our staff pool looks like. 
            Finally, I would like to talk about the map pool and traitor weapons.  I do not know who created this map pool, but most of the maps in it are actually the worst maps to possibly have.  If you were to look at the cycle of maps you would most likely see the same 4-5 maps being played over and over proving this point.  I believe NORMAL dolls should be added and not minecraft dolls, and a lot of the maps that are pretty much never played should be removed for either better maps or nothing.  The detective weapons on this server are the most interesting and cool weapons I've seen, the shield gun detective turret, bat ect..  But, the traitor weapons on the other hand are pretty underwhelming.  Most of them are terrible and should never be bought or used, there are a few that can be worth it but when armor, radar, turret or awp only 4 T weapons are pretty much the only good things to buy out of so many weapons is very disappointing.
Map pool is something I think can generally be improved. I do believe that the maps we have are very fun, some more fun than others, but still fun nonetheless. I think there are a few solutions to how this issue can be addressed. 1. Map cooldown - Increasing map cooldown will allow overplayed maps (Inno Motel cough cough) to be selected less often. I do agree that there are 5-7 maps on constant rotation but limiting how often those are played will allow players to have unique new experiences on other maps that are less often played. There are some less desirable maps on the server but none the less i think this is a good first step. 2. Adding more community favored maps - This can be done by taking a large poll from the community and adding what everyone likes. Parameters will need to be met though to ensure that filesizes arent to large and there are enough spawns for 32 players.
Topic of T/D weapons though, I disagree. The way in which we choose our items comes from perspective of balance and ease of use. We dont like to have overly broken weapons and thats reflected by making them somewhat skilled based. We recently made changes to the knife for T that only allow one-hit kill from the back. I currently think T/D weapons are a non issue but im always down to testing/implementing new ones that work well. 

             I just want what is best for your server so I and others can continue to have a fun time on it sorry for the long message.
Thank you for the honest feedback. We are glad you are a part of our community and want to see it continually grow!
Hello, My responses will be in RED.

Thanks for the replies, I do think adding slight low gravity and removing jump packs instead might be a good idea if you haven't tried that already since it will give everyone the effect by default and somewhat fix issues with it. 
I am usually on between 9pm-4am est, near the beginning there are lots of staff but around midnight and later there is usually only 1-2 on.
the T weapons I'm not saying need to be broken overpowered or anything but don't really deserve to spend a credit on is more of what I was trying to say.  Sure the knife is a one hit from the back and there are some items like that but when there are 30 people on the server why spend a credit on something that can only kill one person.  I don't think the knife should be removed the thing is a staple for TTT T weapons but there are a lot of things that just don't really seem worth it is all.  Maybe they would be better if the jump packs are in a less broken state? idk.
(10-14-2021, 01:34 PM)Noire Wrote: and we need a new fucking map vote --- something to limit the number of times we play on the five maps that we always fucking play on. it's so boring and repetative.

We do NOT need a new mapvote. This new mapvote has everything we need including a map cooldown which is fully functional (currently set to a 5 map cooldown if I am not mistaken. Increasing it is already planned. I am very tired of searching for new mapvotes so we will not be switching to a new one any time soon as this one works perfectly fine. 
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