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midgett ban request
Offender's Name & Steam ID: midgett(STEAM_0:0:60565455)

Potential Witnesses: Koshka, PrussianBlue, PotatoPrincessYumYum, Powertrain45

Reason to Ban: slurs, 4 times (1 day ban request).
Proof: See the video timestamps.  Recap: player midgett joins the server, starts asking what the 4th rule is.  Starts saying they don't know what "ni**otry" is.  They do this twice.  The first time was not caught by me because multiple people were talking.  The 2nd time was and a warning was given.  They proceed to call the lobby "retards" and I provide a gag.  They then cry out admin abuse, and reaffirm that they believe the people in the lobby to be "retards".  At this point, they are kicked.
[gBan] Travis1421 has banned midgett - Duration: 1440 minutes! (Racism/Slurs)

Thank you for the report!
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