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test application
Ingame Name:[test]superbladen

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:79181779

Time Played: 163.2 hours of play time  

When First Joined: I joined on  Mar 14, 2019 11:13 AM

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): i play every day Monday to Sunday from 2:20 pm to 5:30pm time zone:AEST 

Rank Desired: trusted 

Current Rank: regular   

What can you do to help the community?: i feel that i could help bring a friendly and supportive environment and help keep everyone happy . 

Why do you want to help the community?: i have enjoyed playing on this server for quite some time and i would like to keep the server the way that i remember it for others to enjoy.

Have you previously been banned? (Link relevant posts): no.

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link relevant posts): no.

Do you have a way to record video or take screenshots? i have nvidia studio. 

How did you find us?: i found this server while searching for a PH server back in 2019 and enjoyed its players and environment and have continued to like it ever since. 
I've only been on for a few days but super's been active and is an enjoyable person to have on the server. I've also noticed there is a major lack of staff on at times, maybe because of time zones? Either way +1, though I wonder what others have to say since they've been on longer.
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I don't mean this in a personal way, but the conversations bladen starts are questionable and rather disturbing at times. I say give it more time and try to correct said conversation topics. He's not a bad option, just needs more time I feel. I'm not going to + or - for the fact that this could change.
Good luck bladen

*Edit*  I do want to add something. Not having donor shouldn't stop regulars+ from warning or trying to chill things out, and honestly I haven't seen much of that. I get that having donors on dealing with a lot of it probably demotivates trying to warn, but even when things are chill... I'm on pretty much daily now, and I don't see much warnings or help coming from bladen. I am still neutral as positives are still in play, which have been said by others.

Things are a mess right now. We should all be doing all we can to help the good players and stifle the abundance of trolls. Don't be afraid to speak up.
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I'd like to see more community involvement before supporting you becoming a staff member. 

Spend some more time on forums, and utilize the discord for appropriate things such as communicating with other members of the community and notifying staff of issues on the server when they arise. 

Also suggest taking a bit more time and thought into answering the application questions. 

I can see you've been on server frequently over the past 30 days so that's at least a plus for you.
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As far as discord activity and helping with staff, I have to disagree with Triangle. He has been helpful and certainly has a handful of pings and relaying important information to staff through the discord. He has the required introduction and although ban requests would be nice, they're not always required. He has been helpful in game as well from my experience. Though one thing that is true, a little more effort when creating this app would be nice. Especially when you really can't keep everyone happy. Trying to keep everyone happy will make you go crazy man. Just more details or examples on how you might do this would be nice. These are just some of the pings and such that I managed to find to support my claims as far as discord goes.

However. I think you need to work on a few things for sure. There are times where you kind of make weird comments in game. It's not like over the top but do realize that some of them actually might be considered going against our rules and staff can't be above the rules. I think these are more or less pertained to what Ashe was saying. It would be better to kind of chill on that stuff before going through with the app. I haven't really seen a whole lot as of late but obviously others have. 

Another thing I believe you could work on is gathering evidence. I'll take a point a couple weeks ago into light where you were trying to help catch someone hacking. You said you had evidence and had sent it to me because when I joined, the guy wasn't doing much of anything. The evidence was you as a prop and it was just showing the feed and him finding you in a spot. I would suggest taking a peak over recent and past ban requests to kind of get a good idea of what we look for. Any successful ban requests would be a good thing to watch. We just need actual footage of them, not just the feed of them getting kills. If you took the feed into account for a ban then it wouldn't do much to fight off an unban request. 

*Yeah I'm going to make an adjustment to my vote. I think you have a lot of stuff to work on and with too many different things like egging on trolls and working to make the problem worse rather than mend or deal with it, I can't really even be neutral at this point. I hope you put work in to changing this behavior that I've witnessed if you have any interest in applying for staff in the future. As of right now I'm sitting at a -1

You've been helpful, don't get me wrong but like I said. You have a lot to work on before trying this again.
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I joined today and it was not fun having someone moan in their mic multiple times and then have you encouraging it also making your voiced high pitched and sound like a anime girl then causing people to say "who brought in the loli's" or something of that nature, granted this has so far been my only interaction with you on the server recently it is not the best first impression. 

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This is a bump before a final decision is made. Please give the user good feedback and vote for them to join staff or not.
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I know that super is a regular but nothing really sticks out for me. I know you try to help BUT I know with a certain group of people you can be a bit trolly and get a bit rowdy.

Personally, I would like to see some work on the ban request end. You currently only have 4 posts on the forums and only 2(?) I think are BRs. Work on how you interact with certain players and how you present yourself while playing the game as well…

Work on helping out the community with ban request and gathering evidence and then reapply! I’m going -1 for this application. 
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Thank for applying, however at this time we are choosing to deny this application.

I have heard from more than one individual that you aid in or support mic spam when staff are not on as well as get into questionable conversations. We need problem solvers not problem causers as staff members. Take the critique people have given you here and apply them and you may have better luck in the future.

The earliest you may reapply is December 23, 2021.
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