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Blue November
(11-20-2021, 05:41 PM)Mother Nuru. Wrote:
(11-20-2021, 02:39 AM)BIIG_SAD Wrote: snip

I'll be closing this in two more days so mini bump with this as well.

also u suk aug :^ )

A mini bump is all you could manage because a regular bump is taller (PLEASE DON'T BAN ME).

On a serious note:
August has been quite helpful on the PH server sending staff pings when there are bad actors, and informing us of issues when we join the server.  Even though he's not staff on PH, he acts professionally and respectfully on the PH server all the time.  Murder would benefit from promoting him to Test Mod.  A healthy middle-staff layer is always good for a server as well.
Final bump, will close er up tonight.
but what about one more
[Image: Congratulations_2.PNG]
Over my long time playing murder (25 hours) I have had at least 3 hours playing with this warm month (August) and I am nothing more than impressed how well he enjoys his time here and what a nice welcoming time he has with everyone. Clearly this is nothing he is new to and he knows what he is doing when it comes to be professional and casual. He has earned my trust and my overall +1

[Image: helluva-boss.gif]
When she doesn't close it when she says she will Sad

For real though, thank you everyone for all the kind words and for all the confidence. Y'all are wonderful. <3
[Image: ErQ4M8K.jpg] 
I passed out because daughter has been extra cranky bc teefs


Your application has been ACCEPTED.

Not only do you hold good faith from the community, but myself as well. All of us around here have seen you take on and handle things that are rough from a trusted perspective. You got more learning to do but I have all faith in you. Also you suck. :^ )

Welcome to tmod blue December.

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