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Walmar and gang are back
Offender's Name: m<3 | vro

Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:572831026 | STEAM_0:1:238601761

Potential Witnesses: ryeland, JamJam

Reason to Ban: hrassment for m<3 | slurs for vro
Proof: 1 2  | 1  2 Trollage [more was said in voice chat but again recording was not possible]

Other:  T-ban  T-ban m<3 

Walmar, was t-ban ed for the same reasons as the other two but since everything he said was in voice chat I was no able to capture the footage required to be fitted into this ban request
murder ban req 1
murder ban req 2
To note so much more was said in voice chat and i could not record at the time so i unfortunately do not have that evidence.
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+1 these guys were bothering milly constantly talking about sexual shit that was just weird plus I heard the f slur used at least once in voice chat and again I saw it in text chat.
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Both of them is currently banned in murder (5 alt accounts)and discord

Ban requests against him

Discord ban evidence is in staff discord,community doesn’t need people like this
Didn’t look at the evidence yet but if y’all act like anything on how y’all acted on ttt today I don’t blame milly for making a ban request.
Keep trolling out of a request, thanks
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