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Offender's Name & Steam ID: 
[b]"Sgt. Baker"        STEAM_0:0:80411731[/b]

[b]"LiquidChris"      STEAM_0:1:69251592

Potential Witnesses: 
Toadah, Scuba, Phantom
Reason to Ban: 
Mic Spam

First Gag This was after being told not to tell people to shut up
Second Gag Toni tries to start talking about Kyle Rittenhouse again, told him to stop and sgt starts with the disrespect and liquid start mic spamming/scream.
Third Gag and kick Sgt comes back just to call me a cunt, get gagged, and leaves.

Other: (Optional)

Also, I didn't hear phantom tell sgt to stfu during the game.
[Image: ezgif-com-gif-maker.gif] 
[Image: Screenshot-2.png]
Sgt. Baker will be banned for three days for Trolling, mic spam, player disrespect, homophobic slurs.

Liquid Chris will be listed for a kick for mic spam next time since there wasn't a whole lot and the proper steps were followed.

Thanks for the report!
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