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A long annoying night
Offender's Name: B-Jorn

Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:150822944

Potential Witnesses: Copper, Spoon

Reason to Ban: Constant trolling, mic spam, harassment of myself
Proof: I have a couple hours of footage, need to edit it and will post later.

Other: Has been arguing with me basically all night about "admin abuse" whenever I punish him or anyone else for breaking rules. Given plenty of warnings and have already gone through the list of punishments that I can execute myself.
I 100% agree, I played for a couple of hours tonight only to hear B-Jorn non stop arguing about how Leviathan was abusing his staff role (which he wasn't) and kept on going despite the multiple warnings given to him.
Yes , waiting for evidence.
Closed in line with an unban request. Response found here.

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