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Uh unban request or somethin like that
Ban Details
Name when banned: 
Current name: B-Jorn 
Location: United States [Image: us.png]

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:150822944

Time of ban: 07-01-22 22:48

Server: Dinkleberg's Murder - In Development
Reason: Rdming ,slurs mic spamming and gag evading.If you wanna appeal link is here

Banned by: Norm Minder (STEAM_0:1:446918040)

Unban time: 04-02-22 22:48
Reason for Mods to Unban: Alrighty I think I got the right spot now, ok so the only reason I gag evaded is because I felt I was gagged for a reason which I felt I should not have been gagged for but I should have not gag evaded and for that I apologize, I personally do not remember saying any slurs but if I did I also apologize for that. I do not feel I was mic spamming though, I feel that if you are talking a lot and having fun with people who are making noises by also making a couple of noises the mods should be a bit more lenient especially if other people are doing it as well. Anyways thats my entire reasoning, sorry I was a bit of a jerk with a couple of the things I did but I also feel you were a bit too strict on a few of the things as well.
History: User has no previous bans
other: Hi thanks for reading, plz unban so I can game once more?

Soo can I get like a response or something of any type?

Soo can I get like a response or something of any type?
(01-07-2022, 11:32 PM)B-Jorn Wrote:
Soo can I get like a response or something of any type?
Calm down, you literally posted like an hour ago. Unbans generally take a week or so.
Once @Norm Minder replies with proper evidence then the murder playerbase discusses whether a return would be a good idea or not, then our admin will decide your fate.

Also this was posted in the archive subforum so I moved it to active Smile
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Video provided by Lost.

Yes it is almost 6 hours long, yes there will be timestamps included later.

I was not on that night but I was hearing about it. I scanned through the vid and you were causing problems almost immediately. Insulting players and staff alike, Mic spamming, using slurs, and looking for ways to try and skirt the rules as much as you could. For this, I'm issuing a big fat -1 on this request. We don't need people like you on the server.

And a word of advice, if you feel a gag was unjust, the right thing to do was to appeal here. Evading like you did only serves to prolong your ban and kill your credibility.

Have a nice day.
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-1 Stay banned problem causer
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After dealing with you and your group of friends a couple nights before you were officially banned for what you did with Norm on, I'm 100% going with a -1 for the unban. You were banned for what you did the other day but adding on the trolling and rule breaking with me as the only staff online, I'd be in favor of increasing the ban to a perma. You didn't change anything you were doing after multiple warnings and punishments and I doubt you plan to change anything now. I believe I was actually not as strict towards you as I should have been and Norm was not too strict at all. Stay banned, we don't need people like you in our community.
watched (skimmed) video


stay gone.
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What this actually means is that we should always strive to better ourselves, because tomorrow is a new day.
I hope you take it to heart. Remember, an improvement, no matter how small, is improvement.

So after reviewing 3 hours worth of evidence ...(sorry I passed out after watching so I'm doing this today instead of last night)

The behavior you exhibited was pretty rude, and uncalled for. Pretty disgusting to come into a server you "enjoy" and cause issues on purpose. The staff that was there (especially leviathan) were far nicer than I would have been. He and norm BOTH gave you multiple chances and you just kept pushing the limits.
I've upgraded your ban to a permanent and you cannot reapply for unban for 3 months minimum.
If you choose to apply you can't until 4/11/21.

Take this time to fix your attitude.

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