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This One's a Little Early (Staff App)
What Lemon said about pedophilic comments, while I can't attest to what they said, I can definitely see a conflict of interest happening there.
I will be blunt as I am at work and can't type very well anymore,

I currently do not support this app. I had an interaction with a person flaming and instigating fights that I won't name and the entire time you were pming me saying things like "dude why" or "it's so funny why you gag them" and it was the kinda shit that if you didn't like this person you would have gagged them yourself.

I think you do pull the minor card and pick and choose who you say this to, while also baiting gross conversations and responses. To be frank you appear to have developed a victim complex since you resigned.

I do like you when you're chilling out and having fun, and when you WERE trusted i thought you did a decent job, so that's not to say I won't support your app in the future, just not until I see some reversion on your handling of mature (NOT nsfw) conversations  when they are with people you ARE NOT friends with. You can't pick and choose.

For now, -1. Love ya buddy and I hope I see you reapply in the future after learning from the criticism.
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I’m gonna talk about something that nobody has really touched on. During the Phoenix situation I asked you many many many times to drop it and quit arguing with him during that shit show. What did you end up doing? You continued to argue. That was a complete lack of respect and essentially spit in the face of the other admins and I, so realistically why should we trust you?

On top of that, you caught wind that I was going to strike you for instigating drama, which would’ve been a leak somehow. That was one of four instances where a leak occurred during your time as staff. All instances have been narrowed down to 4 people including you, so I don’t know.
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Hey kid,
It's been two months since you stepped down and I think you should take some more time off honestly. Sure staffing might be fun but I think you need some more time for just bs fun before hopping back in the saddle. I've also not been around so I don't really know what hijinx you have been getting up to so I should stay neutral here. Just what I think you would enjoy more.

o7 A Farewell to Arms o7

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Eat shit and live Damien…..

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Imma -1, honestly, I don't think many issues can have been resolved between when you resigned and now, it hasn't been very long, all that jazz, just stick around and whatnot and be all mature yadda yadda.

On the other hand, people 'hearing a lot about his staffing' and whatnot, while it may have some validity, or even quite a bit, there's a good portion of that that is just misconstrued stuff because he's an easy target, and this is very known as well. Just keep that in mind.

edit: i just mean a lot of "abuse" type things, as he's been targeted by a lot of trolls because easy pickens basically, a lot of stuff has validity too, i'm just saying take some with a grain of salt, before someone thinks i'm defending some stuff
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A couple of points I wanted to give a response to.

My Adult Mouth, Baiting Responses, And the Minor Card.

I think to call it "Baiting Responses" is a little absurd considering I don't want anyone to say anything fucked up like what has been said to me. I tell them that I'm a minor so that they don't tell jokes like that again and it ends at that most of the time. 

The Guest Lemon Mentioned.

I barely remember this situation but If I did that then I'll work on it. Obviously my opinion on it has changed since then. Did he make a pedophillic comment? No. He couldn't of known my age. Was he arguing with staff. Definitely. If it was bad enough to call it bickering.

The Warns without Contacting Mods.

I remember always telling a mod to ban someone when needed. I didn't always say anything in staff chat because sometimes It felt like it wasn't needed. If I am given the role I will tell mods to ban people who reach their warning limit.

The Leak(?) & Arguing With The Pheonix

I seriously don't know what you mean by someone leaked something to me?. Nobody leaked anything to me. As regards to arguing with ThePhoenix it was over smaller stuff like If a slay/Gag/Kick was valid or something like that. I never started those arguments but I did escalate them at that time. I apologize to everyone that had to listen to them or hear about it afterwards since I should've de-escalated the situation. 

Donor Staffing

I will no longer use my donor powers to gag, kick, or mute anyone except for friends when we're joking around. As for the voteban Lemon mentioned I believe she's mixing me up with someone else because I don't even use voteban.
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What is going to different from last time? I think a lot of the criticism is fair and you did not take the opportunity to work on the problems as staff. You decided to resign instead. I do not have a problem with you, but I honestly not confident in your ability to staff as of yet.

I start this off by saying this: Damien, you know very well that I am your friend. As your friend, I feel morally obligated to tell you the truth. Please do not take my words of criticism as a personal attack, as that is not at all what I am intending. 

I will break down what others have said before me, and I add my own input on top of these comments.

-Overall, your biggest issue that everyone (myself included) agree on is that you absolutely are horrible at taking criticism. Even when someone makes a simple joke about you "not being funny," you proceed to become extremely defensive. I witnessed this the other night in a Jackbox session, alongside with some others. 

-I completely agree with Dong on the situation that occurred with ThePhoenix. A lot of that shit could have been avoided if you had simply stepped away from the situation for a while and just left him alone. I think this comes from the fact you're a minor and you haven't fully "grown up" yet. The incident that Foxka mentioned also supports this statement I have.

-Sorry Damien, but I think that you really have a similar problem that I had where you like to really dwell on things. I remember a time we were in a discord call this past week where all you seemed to want to talk about was Old Dink's drama; of course, you're not the only one who was contributing to the conversation, but you were one of the main ones bringing things up; I really don't want you to take this the wrong way, but that kind of gave me the impression that you just simply want to be with the staff team again so you can keep up with the more recent stuff. 

IF that's not the case, I apologize for making such an assumption, I just get a vibe from your prior behaviors, Damien.


Damien, I personally think that you should wait a substantial period of time before you reattempt to join the staff team. I do not think you are mentally and emotionally prepared to handle it at this moment, and I think you need to spend some time proving people through your actions and not merely typing words without meaning. 

VOTE: -1. Regardless, best of luck to you on this app, Damien.
I'll assume you want this closed as it was deleted. Restored for archival purposes. You may reapply starting 02/15/22.
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