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[Discord] Strike Appeal Procedure & Format
The purpose of appealing a punishment is to remove it from your active punishment history.
Whenever you are issued a punishment in discord, whether it be a strike, mute, kick/softban, or ban, it will usually have a punishment ID.
Any form of punishment is logged in your punishment history and is taken into account when issuing future punishments, so it is a good idea to appeal your active punishment(s) whenever the punishment is unjustified, the punishment is justified but you wish to explain your actions/apologize, or if the punishment has timed out (which occurs 6 months after the punishment has ended).
You may appeal punishments using two different methods: Using the Auttaja Bot's built-in appeal system, or by posting a thread in this sub-forum.

To appeal your punishment, use the format below by copying/pasting the format into a new thread in this sub-forum, and fill out the necessary information.
Threads in this sub-forum are discrete, and only discord staff, website staff, and server admins will be able to see your thread and its contents.
Threads posted here will be addressed and closed within 72 hours of posting by upper staff. If your appeal is denied, you will be given a date when you can post a new appeal (generally 1 month from date of appeal posting).

All of the information you need to fill this out can be found by using the -userinfo command in #bot-shit, or can be found in the punishment message that the Auttaja bot DM'd to you.
An example of the message Auttaja will send you:

If you did not receive this message or can't find your punishment ID, you can type -search in #bot-shit to find the punishment ID for your punishments.
Your Discord Username consists of your account username and 4 numbers following (e.g. jammin#8313).
Your Discord User ID is an 18-digit unique identifying number built into the discord system. Type -userinfo in #bot-shit to look it up.
Auttaja Punishment ID is a 15-digit unique identifying number isused by the Auttaja bot. Type -search in #bot-shit or look at your DM's from Auttaja to look it up.
Punishment Type is the type of punishment issued. This will be a strike, mute, kick, softban, or a ban. If applicable, please give the length of the punishment. Note that only inactive bans can be appealed for removal from your record; active bans must be posted in the Discord Unban Requests subforum.
Appeal Type is the grounds as to which you are asking the punishment to be removed. This includes:
-Expired - This punishment was issued more than 6 months ago and should be removed from the history. Normal bans expire after 2 years.
-Improper - This punishment was issued improperly, as the reason for issuing the punishment did not violate one of our rules, or the punishment fell outside of guidelines.
-Explanation - This punishment was issued properly, but the offender wants to apologize for their actions, provide more context, or otherwise explain their actions.

Only file an appeal for legitimate discord punishments, and follow the instructions as listed above. Using this forum to shitpost may result in forum moderation action.


Your Discord Username:

Your Discord User ID:

Auttaja Punishment ID:

Punishment Type:

Appeal Type:

What would you like to tell us:
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