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Unban request
(03-09-2022, 07:08 PM)August Wrote: No idea fam, I remember your previous unban requests as well. Can you at least confirm for sure that it's the Deathrun server that you're trying to connect to? Like record a clip of you attempting to join? Not a screenshot, a proper video clip. You can use shadowplay if you have a Nvidia graphics card, or there are plenty of other software you can use.

My suspicion, based on the screenshot you posted on your original unban request last year, is that you were attempting to join a completely different server that used a recycled IP from our old DarkRP server. I suspect that you may have been banned from our old server, and the ban carried over to the new server's IP, hence why the message can't tell you who banned you, when, why, or how long the ban was for. The link provided also dosen't exist anymore so that's why I suspect that this is a VERY old ban. If that's the case, we can't help you since we don't own that server anymore. You'd then have to contact or whatever it was to get unbanned.

That being said though, if you can profide proof that the exact server that you're trying to join is in fact one of our four active servers for either Prop Hunt, TTT, Murder, Or Deathrun, then we can do our best to help with the info we are given.

Hope my explanations make sense, and good luck!

I would also recommend checking in with us on our discord so we can help in real time.
got distracted at the end
I've messaged Dinkleberg and will report back once a possible solution has been found. 

We will most likely be trying the same thing that undid @RussEfarmer ban. 

Please be patient with us in this chaotic mess

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