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2022 New Map Issues/Comments/Illegal Spots
Title says it all.

If you find something you think is broken, illegal, or if you want something changed about one of the new maps we added, please post it here.

For illegal spots, please include a screenshot or quick video if you can!

First 2 are the same just from 2 different angles where theres just missing wall and clipping which is on one of the balconys, third is missing clipping behind the prison railing, fourth is lamp under stair, fifth is more missing clipping which leads directly outside map, sixth is more missing clipping which made a weird corridor, seventh is a door thats been taken off its hinges, and eighth is more missing clipping leading outside of map.

Most of the missing clipping is on the roof.
You were the chellman you saw how bad Ph-ahsncuu is does it really need to be said it should be removed

Spot - Hiding in the pipe mesh in a specific way
Nazu~ <3
Kicking ass in games since 03'
[Image: 64aaecee33faa152c24e3177fbb85ecb.png]
[Image: 8ff10353f1aebd3e2bd9e881d21e2c50.png]

Can't be seen or shot when hiding in the corner inside here
Flat prop on top front of the truck
Flat prop under the green chairs
Flat prop in the sheets of the bed
Flat prop under the cardboard boxes
Flat prop under the pile of clothes
Flat prop in the pillows of the bed
Thanks guys we will take a look into these and get Star to try and improve the maps.
[Image: unknown.png]

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