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Kessler's unban req
Panda should also be unbanned then... no teaming involved here.
+1 unban, frankly this is good gameplay by Kessler. Mafia style games are all about manipulation of the truth during the game, and in this instance Kessler is simply choosing not to kill Panda to gain pandas trust.
He's not obligated to save his teammates. Now it would be teaming if he were to shoot his teammates to gain that trust, but by standing there doing nothing that makes you look innocent. Which is kind of the whole point of Mafia games. To trick others to think you are innocent.
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+1 For unban What jammin said
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Just a note, the teeming rules really meant for situations where the integrity of the game is compromised. Situations where innocence and traitors, with roles known to each other, are intentionally not attacking. If Kessler gave a knife to Panda? That would be some form of teaming. I would call that most likely moderate teaming, unless Panda then use that knowledge to affect the game in the future.
This isn't a compromise of the integrity of the game. While Kessler probably should have just killed Panda and defended his teammates, there is strategy in proving your innocence by not killing your teammates.
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bro u just got unbanned Sad

+1 not teaming, I've seen guests do the same thing because they are too scared to play the game as a traitor

I was on but got off before the ban was dished out, or maybe I was AFK at that point eh, either way. I didn't think anything of it at the time hopefully this can be ironed out quickly enough.
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Free my homie Kessler he ain't done nothin
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+1 on unban on both Kessler and Panda
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After reviewing the evidence, I do not believe this was teaming. I can understand why the ban might have been made, but I do not agree with the verdict that was delivered.

+1 for an unban. Free Kessler!
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I will get you an answer by tonight once I bother the other admins!
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So I've done similar strats before when I used to take this game more seriously and with that said I don't see anything I'd classify as teaming at least more than a knock it off. From what I can tell kessler was just trying to be sneaky about being a traitor and got caught. To be unbanned Smile
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