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Icey's Mod App :^)
I was gonna wait till I’m home to reply but I might not get a chance to do so, so phone it is. 

Icey has been a model Tmod from my experience and has taken his time to get the rules down well along with his staffing style. He’s reliable for evidence and handling situations. I never have to worry about a lack of evidence from him. Realistically I have no problems with him becoming a Mod other than one issue. 

It’s gonna suck seeing a green “Icey” when the blue fits so much nicer. #ChangeModeratorColors

Anyways +1 my dude and good luck. You’ve done really well and you’re gonna do better with those bean powers.
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+1, I don't think I've had a negative experience with Icey, and he handles situations well as staff. He'll be a fine green boy.
Thank you for all the responses so far! If anyone has any questions or issues they want to bring up, I am more than happy to discuss them here.
+1 Icey would be a good fit for Mod, he knows what he is doing and does good at it

Go green
Nazu~ <3
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Icey knows how to take a joke and how to make a joke, and thankfully he doesn't take his staffing role too seriously as if it's a job, he knows to allow some fun here and there. Although I haven't played recently obviously, from my previous interactions with Icey he'd be fine mod.
Good T.mod. Will do better as Mod.

Icey is level headed and consistent, two things I feel are very important for a moderator. I think he does a great job now and will continue to do a great job as a mod of the server.
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bumping for more feedback
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― Henry David Thoreau, Walden (1854)
App has been Denied congrats!

Oh whoops I meant to say Accepted 
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