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Can we fix voice chat general text.
Can we fix this so I can actually see messages instead of it just showing there is new messages by it being light up but I go in there and there is no messages in there at all until I message or someone else messages. I been saying this for a while but nobody really explains anything or does anything about it. I get that y’all wanted to make it a private text chat for some reason but it just annoys me whenever I join and I see the voice chat message being light up and no messages are in there.

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It's kind of a discord issue because you still get message notifications for channels you can't see the history of. I'm not really sure why you can't see history of VC text, no harm in it
Also I can’t reply to messages in the voice text chat for some reason???
Well, it's set that only discord staff can see the history of the channel. You can only see the messages if someone says something while you're in the VC. You won't see the messages again if you leave the voice chat. I'm sure Jammin can fix this though.

Edit:He said he'll fix it

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