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What happened to Town Halls?
I remember last year we did some sort of "Town Hall" event. I felt that it was something that was incredibly useful for the betterment of the community.

I really would like to see this return. I don't know what steps would have to be had in order to do this, but I know there used to be a thing that we had where you could permit people to speak while others were sitting in an audience; however, it seems that it has been removed from Discord as an option, unless I am completely incompetent and missing it. 

I would really think having someone from the staff team host another one of those would do a lot more good for this community than making forum threads talking about it; it gives everyone a chance to have live discussion about this with a much LOWER chance for things to be misinterpreted or to be petty/toxic towards one another. 

The last thing I really want to happen is this to turn into a toxic power struggle between two communities; I just feel that if those who have issues with the state of things want to have a chance to give suggestions for actual change to have a chance to be brought into fruition, a professional style "town hall" discussion would be the best way to achieve this. 

I don't know if anyone else has interest in this, but if you do, could you give input on this? 

And if you don't, could you also voice your opinion as to why you think having a Town Hall would be a bad idea?

Thanks for your time,


I also would want people from ALL sides of the community to engage in this, not just TTT/PH. There are three other aspects to the Dink's Gmod community. I just felt the need to clarify this that it isn't limited to just the "big" two of the community if that makes sense.
I wasn't active during the last town hall, so I think it would be interesting to be a part of. I'm not expecting much to come from it because it's going to be a town hall about a GMod community, but it's piqued my interest.
I am new around here but town halls seem like fun!
[Image: giphy.gif]

So I recall that this was one of the things I did shortly after becoming admin as a way for the community to openly share topics about issues that happening at the time on TTT. I introduced it at the time as a TTT only event since it was being hosted by its staff. I recall that I shared a form where any player could
Openly leave feedback about issues that they wanted to discuss along with a place for a possible resolution to that problem. 

The purpose of it was intentionally for TTT but, members from our other servers also tuned in to hear us. The opportunity has been opened for our other servers to do it but, no one has taken the initiative. If this is something that the community truly wants because of outlying issues, I’d be happy to host another one and collect more responses on issues the community see’s. I feel like more recently, The Server has been drama free and I think in part was because of the original town hall we hosted. 

Open for any ideas.

Here is the link to the original thread:
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true + rep they were cool

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