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3 Ghosters
Names: MUG Maniac STEAM_0:1:57483990    IDxmo STEAM_0:0:120805951    waterooze gorgan STEAM_0:0:58928605

Potential Witnesses: Luna, Mork Mork, Corrilly.

Reason to Ban: All 3 of them were ghosting.

Proof: (waterooze walking right up to my spot) All 3 are friends. No good evidence against IDxmo expect that they are all friends, sorry.

Other: Mug Maniac was banned for ghosting once, not sure about the others.

Sorry for the lack of evidence against MUG Maniac and IDxmo, I wasnt able to record either of them.
While they are probably ghosting (since they've been banned for 24 hrs before by Koshka), there simply isn't enough evidence here for a ban to stick.
I'll leave this open for a while since they will probably return to the server sometime soon.

Closing now.

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