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Unban request
Here is the video taken from today.

EDIT: Admittedly, it does look a little lacking. There were a few jumps that were just too sus for me, like the backwards jumps, and some of the forward jumps that seems to give you a bit of speed. Now to my knowledge on how the server was coded, I was under the impression that bhopping should not be possible under any circumstances. I am more than happy to take an "L" on that if proven wrong, as I had told you the first time around.

If it helps, here is a video from when Fb//Luck was banned on 5/3:

My main concern is the evasion, because my dude you're getting caught in a bit of a tough spot. Your arguments don't seem to make sense for me. You say you had tried multiple aliases before using FB//Luck and Tempest, but upon checking this was proven to be false. You see, it is still possible to see logs of people's name changes even if they delete their previous aliases, and the records show there were no other names used by this account. You say he's a friend, but you say they like to unfriend people. That honestly doesn't make sense to me. Why they would unfriend all the people they play with, especially people they are closer to? There's just too many things that don't make sense here.

Overall I'd be +1 for an unban of the coding proves this is possible. I'm fine with being proven wrong here.
+0 for the evasion. That's too sus for me at the moment.
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My vote is +1

There is nothing that you can say he's "scripting". It's just regular bhops that everyone can do with the jumpack tbh. He's just an experienced player who knows how jumpack/bhop works in my opinion.

I might be wrong but I don't think he's cheating on this case.
Thank you man I play on a server that uses a jumppack alot so I know how they work. I apoligize if I looked sus or if I looked like I was scripting.I can promise you I would never hack on any game I really enjoy
I'm not very versed in the coding of the Murder server except for knowing that bhopping is fairly difficult. I don't believe it's a script because it's messing up too often. It's just not clean and consistent like a script would be. I still believe that the other account is your other account. I think that too many things add up for it not to be the other account. However, if this is what was witnessed from the other account then I don't think the ban should be in place to begin with so the other account would just be unbanned as well. Assuming it's the same stuff. (This being said, if it is yours, I'm not sure why you didn't just make an unban on the original which makes me kind of feel weird about the whole thing.)

I attempted to recreate bhopping while being incredibly rusty and shit and I could manage (maybe not crouch bhopping though lol) yours is alright while not quite being the level that a script would be in my opinion. My experience is in other areas so maybe I'm just blind and those who have experience can see it clearly.

Either way as of now I don't feel like it's enough atm and I'm for an unban. + Juan
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Thank you man and im sorry for making it seem like me and fb//luck are the same person.I can't prove that were not the same person so your just gonna have to take my word for it(which I know doesn't mean much).Maybe you can check our ips or something.But Im a alot more active on another server which uses jumppacks so I know a bit on how to bhop with them.So sorry if I inconvenienced yall in anyway and thank yall for your time.

Also in the video of lucks ban he asked if spacebar bhopping was allowed and you didn't reply so maybe that could be a bit of proof to unban luck as well(3:08 in lucks video)
The hops look legit and human. Given the high jump of the pack, it's not surprising that the speed doesn't increase all that much. Frankly he could do much better with a script. I also suspect that the original account was not hacking, as 17,000 hours can certainly give you a high prowess with bhops.

I'm sitting uneasy about the ban evasion. I find it very suspect that your account, which is 4 months old, is friends with the other account, which is 6 years old. Your 'friends' account has more time in Gmod than your account has existed. the fact that you use their name temporarily before changing it is certainly suspect. I am still wholeheartedly convinced that this is an alt, and that you used this account to circumvent the ban on your main.

All that being said, I would bet the money that neither hacking claim is legitimate, though I admit I have not looked at the main account ban evidence. I believe that you circumvented what will ultimately be considered an illegitimate ban, and should only be punished for said evasion of ban. I think the circumstantial evidence is enough to prove that you circumvented, and that you own both accounts. I believe that had you come clean, you probably could have been straight unbanned. Because of the denial, I feel that a reduction to maybe couple weeks would be proper.
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Seems fair but me and luck are not the same person heres my old account idk if that proves anything but its the account I used to use and it has around 800 hours on gmod.The reason I stopped using it was because me and my brother used to share a pc then I got one for christmas and we decided he kept the original account because I only really played gmod.
+1 unban those hops are fire but not hacking
personal opinion, shouldn't be punished for alt evading if the ban he evaded was proved illegitimate
As for the hacking part of the ban;
I do not believe it was hacking. So that is cleared.

As for evasion, I'm still pretty sure you evaded, but since there's no way to prove it except by circumstantial evidence.. You'll be unbanned.
To be clear though, if something happens again and I catch you in a lie again about "having 10 name changes i just cleared it" I'll be less likely to unban. Better to be honest upfront.
There are websites that show entire history even with cleared names. Work smart not hard kid.

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