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New Models
Could we add some more female models? I feel like there are a lot of male ones to choose from and not as many female/feminine models. I dont have specific suggestions as to which ones, but I would like some more to choose from.
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At the moment the admin team said we aren't going to be adding any more models for a while but Wouldn't be a bad idea maybe find some suggestions and can be added to test server for future consideration

[Image: 97890c4584e4abb0ffc8186eff9fcfb8.png]
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More female HL2 models  Cool
As a big titted woman myself i would like some big titted representation
[Image: Project-3.jpg]
[Image: v1.png]
lucifer helltaker Smile (compressed)
[Image: unknown.png]
(05-16-2022, 04:01 PM)⋆ Fx ⋆ Wrote: As a big titted woman myself i would like some big titted representation
This model looks like total fudge ass lol. I can tell by looking at it the hitboxes are gonna be wack.
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As long as there aren't people able to use a model so they can "exploit" hitbox issues, I think adding new models would be cool. The issue is finding models with good hitboxes, or so I've heard anyway.

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