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Test Mod App
Ingame Name: Nullify

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:173747978

Time Played: 2500+ hours

When First Joined: December 16, 2017

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): 1:30 PM to 11:30 PM CDT

Rank Desired: Test Mod

Current Rank: Trusted

What can you do to help the community?: As I said before, I was a former staff, more specifically, a Test Mod. I know how to use my powers accordingly, I record all of my gameplays and set all of them into my archive folder, I've read all of the updated rules, help people in need such as pinging or in private message, weed out the troubling people, etc. I had used the ban system and I'm familiar on how to use it.

Why do you want to help the community?: I love this community. Sure, I had my hiatus before considering staffing here, but it sure is hard to not come back. I'm glad that I came back to help out staff or not.

Have you previously been banned? (Link relevant posts): Banned for abusing the unstuck command back in December 31st, 2017.

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link relevant posts):

Do you have a way to record video or take screenshots? GeForce Experience

How did you find us?: Was bored, browsed the prop hunt game mode, found one, here I am.

Other: On my previous app, I have said about my past old staff experience (not communitive, not willing to help, etc.). That was unnecessary for me to bring that one up since those are irrelevant and a long long time ago from 2018. I have no clue on what I was on about. So, excuse my stupid alcoholic deprived brain. I have also notice the links for my previous staff apps were broken. This time, they will be functional.
Bro you've only been back a month.

If we went by the old school rules yeah - we would be like ok. If you're going to want to move up in staff, you gotta get that communication back up and control the room when you need to.

Go away
Before I give any vote on this I want to make sure of something.  Specifically on the incident when @Toaduh over stepped you by using his commands, I wish to know the whole situation via video of it occuring.  Mainly this is because the day after I heard complaints about you being negligent when it comes to staffing the server(now these are only claims since no actual proof of it has been brought up).  But still I think this could make others uneasy especially when multiple players will bring up the complaint.

Will vote after your response.


Well since theres no video of the incident and the one that claim you are negligent don't have evidence either let's pull it under the rug.  

Now with my response

You do have great time in the server and good ban requests.  But what I'm and other staff members are concerned about is the situation of you burning out.  I don't want to bring past issues to the present especially since I wasn't part of the community back then but it's evident the number of times it has happened.  This could have easily been a +1 from me but I want you to be here a little longer just to see where you stand.

My vote is neutral
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Addressing Current Comments:
I've staffed with Nullify quite a bit.  As such, I've seen how Nullify currently staffs; how they might have staffed in the past doesn't matter to me.

I am unsure of what MissPauling is talking about with lack of communication.  You've done an excellent job in the staff discord, and have communicated well with me when we've staffed together.  You don't talk much in the main discord, but to be honest I care much more about how you communicate with players on the server.  If Nullify needs to work on their communication, I formally request evidence for this.

I also also unsure of what MissPauling is talking about with controlling the room.  While you seem to be less strict than I am, you make it clear that you are staff and that you will enforce the rules when trouble arises on the server.  I have not seen a single complaint from the regulars about how you've been handling the server (who, if we're honest, will make it known if they think you're not doing a good job)  If Nullify needs to work on controlling the server, I formally request evidence for this as well.

One month as Trusted with many successful ban requests and no major issues is a good thing.  Ryzif, Koshka, Wilfry, and I all quickly moved to Test Mod from Trusted after about a month of time as Trusted.

My Comments:
My biggest concern is there has been an established pattern of you joining the staffing team and then leaving.  While the comments about burnout on Ryzifs apps were silly, I'm genuinely concerned that you are going to end up resigning because you've been on the server so much.  You're averaging roughly 3 hrs on the server each day across the last 30 days.  That's a lot.
Are you sure you're not overdoing it?

Your ban requests are great by the way.
My Vote:
+1, I do not believe there are any major issues that prevent you from progressing to Test Mod.
Just from seeing alot of the ban request it gives me a firm Believe that Nullify knows what they are doing I dont play on server much so I cant speak from that. Im neutral since I dont play much but it would be a +1 if i did I more of did this so you know that even a ttt member like myself sees how you are doing a fantastic job dont over it like Chell said and good luck Smile

[Image: 97890c4584e4abb0ffc8186eff9fcfb8.png]
Ex- TTT Mod
Dong's Favorite Tmod
Alright, for the whole incident about Toaduh using his donor command while I was on. I'm usually chill with donors that uses their commands whether it's for testing or want to help out a bit. Of course, I don't let them take over and overpower me. I rarely do let any donors who wanted to help out. During that time, everything was under control, had nothing too troubling other than people verbal ghosting here and there. I unfortunately no longer have the video, I wish I do have the video at full and unedited, but I do not. I'm not mad nor am I hating on Toaduh. What he did was unnecessary, but I want him to know to be caution about using donor powers while staff is online. Sure, the situation isn't too serious, but a good lesson on what not to do, if that makes any sense.
As for the "negligent". I've never seen any complaints about me staffing on the server. Privately? None. Publicly? None. Obviously the trolls doesn't count as they break the basic rules and complain about being punished for breaking said rules. I would love to see anyone that has a complain about me either here or in direct message. I'll be honest, I have been a bit lenient at times. Such as people mic spamming as they're screaming (in a fun friendly way) into the mic. I'm working on that quick fix. And no, I'm not lenient when someone breaks a serious rule and should be taken seriously. This is such a small detail which shouldn't be a huge trouble.
Moving towards communication. My current communication does lack on Discord, only respond to pings and talk only in ph. I have been talking a whole bunch on the server. Saying otherwise is wrong as being a staff and not talking at all, should be a red flag. Being a staff, you should really be talkative as a lot of players needs some help. I am a fast typer, I do communicate with the people on the server, only problem is the Discord, which can be easily and quickly fixed.
As for my burnouts, I'm completely aware about that. Yeah yeah, long hiatus, long breaks, nobody in the staff team wants to hear. I have a limit on how much I should be on. 5-6 hours is the max. Used to be 10 - 12 hours since I was bored. Trust me, I'm never going to pull that many hours on one server ever again, those days are over. If I really want to take a break, I would take a day. Two days were taken off according to my Gametracker. So don't worry about my burnouts, it's never going to happen again. I can manage my playtime and not feeling forced to be on the server for more than 8+ hours. On average, 3 hours is fine by me. Good amount of time for a day to be frank.
Thanks for the responds.
Ayo Nullify.

So as far as I know, your ban requests are fairly solid and thorough. You had a tiny thing that needed to be fixed regarding audio but nothing really since then regarding proper evidence. You know what you need as far as keeping a ban. You are fairly lenient and while that's really not an issue in my eyes, I think a smaller amount of firmness with rules wouldn't be a bad thing to strive for either. I'm not entirely sure about the whole donor thing as mentioned previously as I didn't witness it and I'm just assuming that there isn't video to really remark on the situation. I really don't have many if any issues out of you except for maybe being a little more firm on rules. I do think that it won't hurt to have you wait for a little while. I know you've done really well and I don't like to base my answers off a previous history or pattern but do try to slow down and pace yourself as to avoid burnout. 

It's annoying to hear about burnout. Trust me. I should DEFINITELY know. It has been on nearly every one of my apps. I do believe in this case as Chelllman mentioned, there might be some merit in mentioning this as to avoid something that seems to be a reoccurring thing. Be sure to take breaks from the server my dude. I know it's fun, especially when helping the community and the pings are constant but your time comes first. It is alright to take time from the server to focus on your life. The server isn't going anywhere even with mass pings due to issues. We have ban requests for a reason which are readily available for ANYONE to make at any time regarding problem people in server. Just make sure to focus on yourself. 

As of now, I'm neutral. I believe you absolutely have what it takes to retake your Tmod but I want to see where you stand in another month regarding your current path of activity and see if these concerns will knock themselves out. You've done a really good job that I've seen and I'm sure the community appreciates it but don't run yourself into another hiatus from too much time invested in the server.
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My response has been edited ^
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Having been associated with Mono over the past several years as they've come and gone I'm gonna give just a little insight here. 

Do I believe they're capable of handling the responsibilities of a Test Moderator? Yes

Do I wonder if this is just another of the short bursts then the disappearances? Yes

Do I think that gunning for Test Mod after being back for a month after a decent hiatus is a bit too soon? Yes

I have no doubts that Mono is capable of handling the position of a Test Moderator, I only wonder if this is a long term thing or just a here and gone again. 

Though I will admit that I've always felt that having 2 consecutive months as a trusted is ideal before becoming a test mod. (Very few exceptions)

All in all I don't have any concrete issues besides my own wonders that should prevent Mono from obtaining Test mod

Best of Luck mate
Hi Nullify,

It’s been great to have you back on the team again but it has only been a month from you getting trusted to you applying for tmod. While I know you to be capable as you’ve been around this server for as long as I have, I also know that at times you have given up and left, then regretted it and come back. There’s been a bit of a cycle. 

I’m glad that you recognise that being on sever for huge amounts of time is not healthy and I always discourage people from not taking regular breaks when playing. 

I think to reassure us that you are going to stick around and be consistent, another month at trusted is necessary. So for now your application is denied. 

Please reapply after 26th June. 

Best of luck.
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