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Unban Peach time pls
Ingame Name: le music defener (at the time)

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:63824665

Who Banned You: dirtypizza

Reason For Ban: mass rdm

Length of Ban: indefinite

Reason for Admins to Unban: ive been a good boy , i havent evenbeen rdming recently before this incident ! it was simply a momentary lapse in judgement. intoxicants are to be blamed as well. i shall do better in the future

Have you been banned before (Link relevant threads): Yall banned me for slurs once and for donor abuse idk if i got banned for this mass rdm shit b4 tbh
I’m typing this on my phone, but I recall banning you for mass prop kill (I think this was on the amongus map). Banning you was simply to follow guidelines, and I support a reduction to a week or so as long as you avoid doing such a heinous act again (please refer to the tuna can suspended between your ears in the future).

Edit: Also why didn’t you make this appeal sooner. I literally told you to appeal asap in the ban reason.
+1 for reduction dont be goofy

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I'm honestly surprised you didn't get this ban sooner. You are constantly RDMing for next to no reasons at time but somehow managed to avoid the constant RDM rule. Eh anyways, this is your first ban to my knowledge for mass. Just avoid being dumb and a reduction to a week or two should be fine.

+1 for a reduction. Probably should be two weeks. It's been over a week since the initial ban itself.
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I agree with Ryzif on a two week ban based on others testimony of your rdming ways. I'd suggest just keeping this open for about 6 days and calling it time served at that point.

+1 reduction
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I'm on board for a reduction! +1
propkill = funne
+1 for unban or reduction
You will be unbanned on 5/26
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