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Ban 6/29/22
Failure to ahear to vague and indirect warnings 
Most of the issues stems from random people in the sever trolling, and taking things to a personal level with repeated RDM and singling individuals out. im not being mean or unfun, just matching the energy of the playerbase. i don't play TTT often and when i do its on this server & even considered donating. being a moderator in the past i feel like this could've been handled better. 
Propkill? personal dislike? reasoning was vague and unclear and felt personal. 
-1 dude, you had plenty of time to change your behavior. You were RDM'ing pretty much every round, or at least RDM'd enough for it to be eyebrow-raising. I even joked that you would eventually get banned for mass, and look where we are now. I feel like the staff were lenient toward you because I recall you breaking rules for quite a long time.
Also just because another user is RDM'ing it does not make it right for you to RDM unless they are dueling you.

> I don't play TTT often
Sounds like some of the RDM could stem from not understanding how the game works.
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Seeing as you tried and take the staff's job into your own hands when 2 staff were on today.. (Was RDMing people they decided was Mic Spamming earlier today.)

And also you have a history of complaining into @ / asay chat every time you have to be slain for RDM. Complaining that you shouldn't have been slain.

Also just your attitude towards reports responding with random quotes spamming into the response area. I am going to say a big -1

And all of that was just today.
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I banned you for consistent RDM. Throughout my time on the server with you tonight, you frequently and consistently killed random players for no good reason. I personally asked you to read the rules at least three times, and warned you at least twice that a ban was imminent.

Murl was frankly the only reason why you weren't banned much earlier today. He worked with you on the rules, trying to get you to back off on taking advanced game action until you understood better. You should thank him for the extended time you were granted because of his kindness to you.

I can go back and look if need be but for me to say that you RDM'D easily 20 folks over a 4 hour session is not that much of an exaggeration. When people report you 20 separate times over an evening, complaining about you killing them without their consent, that is not matching the energy of the player base. That is being a jackass.

We gave you every chance possible. This was our last resort.
-1 unban at this time
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Starbuck, you were committing constant propkill RDM all day yesterday. I think this ban was justified, and I'm honestly surprised it didn't happen sooner.

-1; I'm sorry friend, but this ban was completely justified.
Ok but can we talk about this format please wtf is this

uhhh yea -1 seems like from what others here said based on the context of the ban, you were giving some initial leniency and you blew it after multiple chances, that's on you.
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(06-29-2022, 09:08 AM)Gabe Wrote: Ok but can we talk about this format please wtf is this

uhhh yea -1 seems like from what others here said based on the context of the ban, you were giving some initial leniency and you blew it after multiple chances, that's on you.

Its the correct format just doesn't have the format text in front of their answers.

But to add more useful information to this, you were also warned for consistent RDM back on the 6/22/2022.
Then also on 6/26/2022 I had to warn you about meta gaming in which you were killing people by making it appear like you were going to prop kill them and if they ran or shot at you for attempting to prop kill them, you would kill them.
Starbuck - you are right that you aren't mean or unfun when you're on which is very much appreciated and it's why I wanted to give you another chance. I'd much rather have someone with an approachable personality like yours on the server over the 'rule-angel but toxic/severely unlikable"-type player. TTT has a heavy social component to it, so I feel this is important to mention.


the frequency of rounds with people reporting you or you prop kill RDMing was actually insane. Impressively, you managed to RDM enough traitors to stabilize your karma so you were never karma-banned (the slays probably saved you). If someone held a prop near you, you immediately assumed they wanted to participate in a prop fight and then preemptively killed them. Be aware that most, if not all players are going to be annoyed at being RDM'd, especially if they don't know you. Yeah, TTT is a fun goofy nostalgic gmod gamemode but people still have the right to not want to be killed by a wooden crate going mach 3 outside of the game rules. Waiting for the next round can be annoying if you're not doing anything in the background.

I gave you verbal warnings in chat and !pms several times and even gave you a !warn for 'consistent rdm'. You would listen for a few rounds but return to monke the next map and start propkilling again. I think you just get bored easily, but unfortunately you are ruining the game for others. I think you even committed a few mass rdms, which are basically dinkleberg felonies, but your reports in these cases were generally forgiven by the victims.

if you can guarantee that you can resist the urge to propkill, feel free to reply for a reduction because I'll +1 it. If you get bored in TTT and need to resist the urge to murder everyone around you all the time, I suggest trying to break glass, stack props, or even asking a fellow innocent for consent before ass-blasting them with a barrel.
We’ve decided to Deny this appeal. I’d recommend waiting a few months before your next appeal.
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