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Conspiracy Theories
Put on your tinfoil hats! What conspiracies do you believe in? I'll just get the easy one out of the way and say Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself. Aside from that I think Puerto Rican cryptids such El Chupacabra, El Vampiro de Moca, and El Gárgola are just excuses by the public to create enough outrage to force the government to do something for once since it is usually inept or alternatively the goverment themselves make the up cryptids to make themselves look good when they go investigate and fight off supposed monsters.
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stfu el chupacabra is real

i don't know if it's considered a conspiracy really but i believe in ghosts
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I think the illuminati being a neutral-chaotic organization is a fun one.
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As a Puertorican here 

I'm pretty sure el chupacabra is a Mexico thing and its real

And these things are REAL
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First Jeffery Epstein, then John mcafee, who’s next?
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(07-03-2022, 10:38 AM)Battons Wrote: First Jeffery Epstein, then John mcafee, who’s next?
Ghislaine Maxwell.
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(07-03-2022, 10:38 AM)Battons Wrote: First Jeffery Epstein, then John mcafee, who’s next?
Ghislaine maxwell is next.

My personal belief is that vampires and werewolves actually originiated from the rabies virus. There's plenty of evidence that supports this and when you look at the "ye olde" symptoms of lycanthropy/vampirism it suddenly all makes sense when you compare it to the symptoms of rabies.

Also, bigfoot and sasquatch are indeed real, but were killed by the government to hide the fact that nephilim actually exist and they are buried in the Appalachian mountains, hidden from the public. Isn't it odd that there's bigfoot, sasquatch, skunk ape, and even the Yeti?
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Old was just a fad
Shit on all the billions
Universities give extra money to schools and bonuses to their administration for getting more students to take huge loans and go pursue 4 year degrees straight out of high school

No evidence, but thats just what I think happens
Lyndon B Johnson had JFK killed.
everything lovecraft wrote about actually happened

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