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Murder Staff App
Ingame Name: Nullify

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:173747978

Time Played: 126 hours

When First Joined: May 28, 2018 (According to my old username)

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM CDT

Rank Desired: Trusted

Current Rank: Donor

What can you do to help the community:
As you guys know, I'm a prop hunt staff. I am capable of making ban request, recording, telling people the basic rules, help out new comers, keeping out the trouble makers, etc. I'm mostly on the server during nighttime but I can get on during the day.

Why you want to help the community:
I enjoy my time being on Murder usually during the nights. Unfortunately, the nights gets crazy and ridiculous. I already played enough prop hunt during some horrible days/nights so I'm capable of handling heated situations. I honestly felt the need to help out as there are only 4 active staff members and not all of them can get on to keep everything calm.

Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts):

Have you previously applied for staff (Link Relevant Posts):

How did you find us?:
Through using !hop on the prop hunt server.
Ez +1, having staff is better then no staff and with Murbder starting to be more active Nullify would be perfect fit for staff.

(This means that Nullify is admitting to being short because Murder staff are short staff)
[Image: unknown.png]
Nullify great staff on prop hunt can't see a reason to -1 this.
Good luck on becoming short. +1.
[Image: unknown.png]
"Get a life" -Guy going after me in steam comments lol
Absolute no brainer. You’re on all the time, you know the rules like second nature, you’re fair judging by all the ph stuff.

Without a doubt +1 from me.
[Image: ErQ4M8K.jpg] 
I have not been around to play with you but to express my support with what I do know on nullify/midnight;
They've served as staff under me not once but twice, and both times were open to criticisms from myself, actively worked to be better on such things, and was active, and an excellent staff member in general all the way to tmod. So as far as being level headed and staff ready, you dont need to look any farther. I'll happily support you all the way to tmod as is currently.
Nullify is doing a good job as PH staff. He will do a good job as murder staff.
I've seen you active on the server quite a bit in the past few months, you know the rules and considering you're a ph staff member I have no issues giving a +1
Not speaking directly through my connection with him as PH staff but simply through his actions I believe Null will do a good job as Murder staff.

His evidence is solid, he understands and learns fairly well regarding guidelines, he's relaxed but understands when to jump up and nip something in the butt. Regardless of anything PH related, I see no reason why Nullify won't excel as a part of the Murder team. 

I only wish them luck.
[Image: wattson-apex-legends.gif]
[Image: 6jCIuUl.gif]
plus juan

lets make some inter-server staff >Smile
Incepimus, Nunc et semper.
This means that "we begin, now and forever", and translates as "always we begin again"
What this actually means is that we should always strive to better ourselves, because tomorrow is a new day.
I hope you take it to heart. Remember, an improvement, no matter how small, is improvement.

Gonna go ahead and approve this, seems like a no-brainer to me here.

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