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Im doin a thing
(08-10-2022, 10:33 AM)Wilfry Wrote: Similar to what brock(jax) said 
The bit that Salty brought up shouldn't be held against him IMO.

However I do wanna say that I have seen cases were you seem to not know how to handle or put the foot down(i.e. when some of the regulars are making uwu or other wtf comments).

You have good time but as Koshka brought up being in spectator for continuos time seems like you are time farming. 

As of right now I am giving a neutral vote but I have some questions first

Are you sitting on spectator a lot because you are possibly experiencing burnout?

Would you consider yourself lenient or do you just not know how to put the foot down?

And lastly what will you do if you go through another incident that gets you mad like the one with Fofab?
Alright, for the spectator thing, I guess the best way to put it would be burnout from the game itself, but not from staffing, if that makes sense. I enjoy staffing a lot, but prop hunt is not something I wish to play every day. Obviously, still love the game, but not as much as I used to.

I would consider myself lenient in a lot of places, but as you said yourself I do not know when is the exact time to put the foot down when people are being weird with the uwu's and "wtf comments".

Alright, I sorta worded that Fofab incident badly. I wasn't "angry" I was annoyed. I have had very few moments while staffing where I got genuinely angry, and rarely have I shown it. I wasn't having the best time that day, and Fofab's questions and stuff wasn't exactly helping. I told him something along the lines of "I'm tired and I don't care right now, stop" or something like that. If Fofab has plans of bothering me with more questions or stupid stuff I'm just gonna tell him to stop, it's getting annoying, and nothing more. He doesn't stop? Well, its a gag or a mute, of course.

Edit because my blind ass just saw Foxkas comment: I have made many off color comments about other servers, will not deny that. 99% of the time they were just jokes because I hadn't played the server and I liked jokingly fucking around with the players and staff of those servers, but many of the jokes I made were quite bad. Much of the stuff on discord from what I can tell is just me saying the other servers were shit, and that TTT players were either: dumb, disgusting, etc. but a lot of the stuff I said I probably shouldn't have (e.g. Im only toxic to TTT players, or I only hate TTT players, though I probably have said something worse that I am missing.) I have most likely said worse stuff in game, but I don't know for sure.
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Imma move it to -1

With what you explained about the burnout. You will basically go through what I did for a while and it was just getting on to staff or talking to friends instead of playing the game itself.

Also as you explained about putting the foot down, you may need some more time to work that out.

I'd say just get comfortable and get your spark back for the game and take days off, getting on everyday will be what's going to make you resign.

I appreciate you applying for higher ranks but I believe it is for the best to wait some more
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Please keep comments on topic of the active staff app and leave shit posting in shit posting.
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+1 from me for what that's worth. Carson is the most active staff member you guys have. He literally grinds out all day. I find it very ironic there's all these people commenting who I've never seen on the server. Staff members shouldn't have an input if they are never on to see you play. I am approaching 1 week on the server, been here almost a year and never see you guys.

Things I see Carson do regularly

- Helping new players out. He goes out of his way explaining things like the F4 menu to change props ect.
- Stopping mic spammers in their tracks. Not only does he give everyone a warning, he gives everyone a chance. He will calmly explain and stop the trolls in their tracks. Guy has talent
- Cheering everyone up! He always says hi to the regulars when we play! This seems small but goes a long way
- Swiftly handling the people who need a ban. Sometimes I see Carson spectating catching people ghosting ect. 

I could keep going all day but lets see where this goes.

Carson literally playing tonight, server dropped half its population due to ghosters. Gets in spectate mode and catches and kicks 2 of them. This guy is great staff material guys.

During my time on the server, Carson is the member of staff that has been most active during the hours I tend to be online.

I 100% support his application for test mod, at no point have I found fault with how he has conducted himself, or the way in which he has dealt with issues on the server.

I'll do my best to not regurgitate the points raised by ThaT, however Carson has always been friendly, inclusive, and quick to help out new players. This was my impression of him even before his Trusted application when I myself was new to the server. In addition to this, when there has inevitably been problems on the server, be that ghosting, mic spam, or toxicity, I have found him to be calm and decisive.

With regard to the Fofab incident from what I have read, it wasn't a big deal and I don't think it is fair to hold this against him. I mean come on, show me a staff member that hasn't shown signs of frustration at one point on the server. The reality is, on some days people are going to have shorter fuses than on others, and that is perfectly normal. What is important in my opinion, is that this isn't the norm and in Carson's case it certainly isn't.
Final bump.
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Hi Carson,

After careful discussion, the admin team has reached consensus and has decided to deny your test mod application at this time.
I would like you to know that the "serverism" stuff really didn't factor much into our decision.

We think that you'll make an excellent test mod in the future, but for now a little more time as trusted is a good idea. I will DM you with some comments.
You are welcome to reapply for test mod on 09/23/22.
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