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not shitposting (dont move it)
+1 without him dinks will fall
Top 0.01% of Dink TTT Esports Player
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“When you meet your God, tell him to leave me alone.” – Guts
Long Live Dink...
+1 he's cool and very politically correct
Jack of some traits, Master of none
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if you do not free this man... immediate death.

+1, free the man
fight the system, refuse to appeal unlawful strikes
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Hi Caribou,
At this time, you have been unbanned from the main Dink's discord after a vote from the staff team.
There was debate about a reduction as opposed to a straight unban, but mainly considering the age of the other strikes at the time, you will be unbanned.

However, I do remind you of our rules, particularly those involving shitposting and sexual/NSFW content, that these aren't tolerated to the degree you take them.
For shitposting, we are VERY tolerant in general. Just don't abuse/spam, and don't pile up on others during an argument/excitable discussion. You were part of a group of about 4 that got banned that evening, and this was after multiple warnings from various staff members, both discord and non-discord related.

As for NSFW, this won't be tolerated by you in the future. If you see someone's profile picture that is inappropriate, let a staff member know in private. Posting the image publicly for all to see is the worst possible way to go about it. We have no intention of making dink's discord adult only, so we have to keep the sexual stuff as minimal as possible. Please respect our desire to keep you on our discord, as a well-liked community member, by not forcing us to ban you for posting sexual content once again. Although this was an accumulation of strikes ban, the strike that caused the ban was relating to NSFW content, thus being your second ban for posting sexual/NSFW content. A third ban will not be so forgiving, so please don't be stupid.

If you have any questions, you may contact a member of our team if they are online. If there is something questionable you intend on posting, it's probably not good to post but you are welcome to ask first. Please read the #da-rules channel carefully when you rejoin.

As for your old strikes, they are irrelevant at the moment due to the bot being down, so please don't be dumb in the meantime. If auttaja is brought back, I will remove the old strikes when I am able to.

You have been unbanned, welcome back.
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