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[Discord] Auto-Appeal all old strikes mega-thread
After tonight's dumpster fire in Discord, one which is seeing multiple folks appealing permanent bans right now (which will be addressed in due time), I want to make things easier to appeal old, expired strikes.

Strikes are considered expired after 6 months time passes, and, under MOST circumstances, should be automatically removed. However, our moderation but does not allow for this to happen automatically. Please bear in mind that we are expecting to have a new moderation bot available in the next few weeks, but we should try to behave in the meantime.

Therefore, in order to help me help you get older strikes removed, please comment on this thread with only the following information:

Discord name: 

Discord ID :

Discord Name: jammin#8313

Discord ID: 714501143379574794

You can find this information by typing -userinfo in the #bot_shit channel. This will provide the following information, which you will need:

In case you happen to be banned from the Discord now, you can also find this information by turning on developer mode, and copying your ID from your profile. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Post that do not contain the requested information will not be resolved. Post will be deleted once they are other handled or simply deleted.

If you need any help with this, please contact a discord staff member and I'm sure they will be happy to help you, but all the information you need is available in this post.

Note: this will only clear up old strikes, mutes, kicks, and softbans that are older than 6 months. You will need to specifically appeal any ban history, as well as any strikes newer than 6 months. Certain strikes of high severity may remain.
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Discord name: Laced Xanax#8211

Discord ID:191649735679934464

i think all my old strikes r gone but just in case


im banned help
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i think I have like one get me outta here im a free man
@RussEfarmer all of your strikes are removed.
@"Laced Xanax" I think all of yours are removed but will keep working with the bot tonight, which is still at limited functionality after the major crash it had on 9/1.
@caribou I think I removed yours, but I need you to check the channel I pinged you in in the main discord.

Anyone else hoping to take advantage of this, please try running the -search command in #bot-shit, if it works please DM me that image.
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Never Forget

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