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Murder goin crazy
Offender's Name: El_Dingo, Jayden, Rodualex, Elmo, LilTKey

Offender's SteamID:
 Elmo STEAM_0:0:220177270    Jayden STEAM_0:0:441664128    Rodualex STEAM_0:1:192522734    LilTKey STEAM_0:0:425913973    El_Dingo STEAM_0:0:222530542

Potential Witnesses: None

Reason to Ban: Elmo (Use of slurs, mic spam, RDM, Dark jokes, among other things),    El_Dingo (Playing music with soundboard, soundboard spam),    Jayden (RDM),    Rodualex (RDM and leave),    LilTKey (Constant mic spam)

Proof: (All RDM related stuff)

Other: Video is loud and over an hour long, so I recommend turning your sound down a bit
[Image: unknown.png]
"Get a life" -Guy going after me in steam comments lol
My man could you please time stamp the video this is a 1:26:33 hour long movie thank you.

Edit NVM after watching the entire video it is basically entire thing filed with problems I recommend watching on 2x speed

El_Dingo STEAM_0:0:222530542 and Elmo STEAM_0:0:220177270 are friends very obviously join the server together to troll I think any punishment's they get should be added together.

+1 to punishment to all
TTT Trusted 27/08/2022 - 27/08/2022
[Image: unknown.png][Image: 60362392_324877391528122_3261103891156041728_n.jpg]
I enjoyed watching the movie (I didn't watch the movie)

+1, get 'em
Elmo STEAM_0:0:220177270 Will be permabanned for breaking multiple rules, racism, sexual comments etc.

El_Dingo STEAM_0:0:222530542 will be permabanned for using a very sexual soundboard and spamming it.

For these 2 I will make sure they won't be back for a long time.

Rodualex STEAM_0:1:192522734 Will be banned for rdm and leave.

Jayden STEAM_0:0:441664128 Will be permabanned for mass rdming.

RayzorsEdge2000 STEAM_0:1:447605080 will be permabanned for pedo stuff.

ilTKey STEAM_0:0:425913973  Will be perma for mic spamming.

That wasn't fun to watch but thank you for the report.

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