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Coolboy fun and awesome time Yeah!
STEAM NAME: poop MANIAC(fecal frenzy!!!!!!!!

STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:43140995

BANNER: battons

BAN REASON: unacceptable language


REASON TO UNBAN: Hey everyone at the Dinkleberg GMOD servers!

I know I've been banned for awhile now, but I really want to get back into the community and start playing again. I've learned my lesson and I'm willing to change my ways. I'll be more respectful to other players and staff, and I'll try to keep my language clean.

I know I've caused some trouble in the past, but I promise that I'll be a good player from now on. Please give me another chance, I really miss playing on your servers.



EDIT: the rest got cut off oopise! hee hee!
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I joined the community too recently to have interacted with you personally, but this has been a fascinating rabbit hole to go down.

Truth be told, while I am generally very much in favor of second (or potentially more) chances, after so many warnings, claims of "just one more chance", insincere ban appeals, and threats to forum ban you, I'm a little surprised you're even still allowed to make an appeal. 

That said, you're clearly quite dedicated to having another shot at being a part of the community, given how consistently you try to appeal again at the end of a cooldown. Plus at least this appeal is written seriously and with seeming sincerity. Taking into account how long it's been since you were banned, I'm partial to giving another chance, though I'm going to stay neutral due to my lack of direct interaction with you. 

Regardless, whether the ban is maintained or removed, TTT/Forum admins, I think we should be exceedingly clear about what behaviour will and will not be tolerated. If he is unbanned, any kind of "probation" or similar arrangement should be transparent as far as what the expectations are, and what it entails if patterns of the same behaviour begin to pop up again (e.g: would another appeal be allowed in the future? what if it's another shitpost appeal? etc.). I believe that the responsibility of handling ban appeals has changed hands a few times in the past years, but the reactions to the previous appeals (shitpost or otherwise) have not painted a super clear picture of how far actually is too far.
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I don't really have any input here but I want to make sure everyone knows what ban you are appealing. 
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The ban that you were on a probationary period for was the following. Which many of your linked unban requests were for.
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Oh boy... Never seen this fella on and I could see why. My stance is going to stay neutral but as I devolve myself deeper into these "appeals" I can see why you are in the position you currently sit in. It's a HOT heap of a mess with the whole situation going on for you and considering that MANY MANY MANY appeals have been put out for you with some poetic like appeals that may or may not be considered a "shitpost" or if you're genuine, I feel as though some appeals are not serious and a few are. I've delved deep into every single thread that god beheld upon us and it doesn't seem to look good. In any case you get unbanned and are given a second chance, do not commit the same acts you have previously committed prior to your ban. I would consider a reduction to ban but I will see where this appeal goes from here.
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Honestly I'm leaning a bit towards neutral, if only for the fact that I don't have to scroll down for 12 minutes while reading your response.

You have been banned for a while. What guarantees do we have that you won't be a racist prick? Honestly not much.
But the fact that you are still allowed to appeal tells me there may still be a final change down the line.
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30+ warns bring this guy back
At this point, either unban him or tell him he can't appeal anymore. There's no sense in going over this every month.
I'd rather the dude get one final chance and if he gets rebanned just don't let him appeal anymore ^. He's pretty persistent and isn't as shitposty imo with the appeals anymore.
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I’m neutral on ban/unban but if he does get unbanned and does it again I would honestly say community ban as a condition if so
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Yea at this point it's either give him one more chance on a very short leash or tell him no more appeals. Seems redundant to go through this process every few months and end up in the same place. Though for the first option it would probably be wise to attach conditions such as if he gets banned again he can't appeal
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